Wednesday, May 30, 2007

In the beginning...

Yeah, guys...I know, I deleted my myspace. You really don't have to remind me everytime you see me. I am indeed, completely aware. I have to admit that in the few conversations I've recently had with people gushing over the "blessings" and/or curses of myspace, I'm completely proud of the fact that I've been able to say, "See...this is why I deleted mine." And to that, many times, people have responded, "Ughh..see, I wish i had your strength. I wish I could do it, but I can't!"

And to that I would respond, Shut up and Get over it. Would it really be that painful to delete your myspace? Is it that much apart of who you are that your physical state would not hang? Need I remind you lovelies, it takes only the strength of a few clicks of your worn out mouse to do so. For me, I guess I just really wanted to prove to myself that I didn't want it anymore. I felt like it was a waste of time and energy. Sure, its fun to be able to put a face on for people via thom's myspace editor, you can also stock whoever, whenever the heck you want to [because we all know that when it comes down to it, thats really what its all about]...but lets get serious: How many of you reading this blog right now can say that myspace has at one time or another ruined and/or tainted a relationship you've had in the past? How many of you reading this blog have been completely distracted at work because you're just so anxious to see who has commented on what and how many more people have visited, or maybe asked yourself, "I wonder if this girl has commented on my guys page again..." etc, etc, etc?

How many of you reading this blog right now have felt the shame of seeing someone or meeting someone somewhere and saying, "Hey...I think I've met you before?" ...only for the two of you, to awkwardly realize, " was actually ALL on myspace." Lame...but we've ALL done it.

If you want something a little more polished with zero blinking adds, no middleschoolers, and more great music, visit VIRB. Any social network with FEIST as their #1 artist is good to go with me. There aren't many people on Virb so all of the adds and crazy friend requests from people you don't even know are pretty much non-existent. I like to use it to communicate with family and friends that I really do know...especially those that live far away.

One thing I most certainly have missed, however, is my myspace blog. My myspace blog was my favorite part of the site. I had 25 subscribers at the time I canceled my account with nearly 45k hits. It was a fun outlet for me that people actually read and enjoyed and I have truly been itching to scribble again. So here it very own blogspot. In it you will find my opinions; answers to questions asked, my views on current events, music reviews, fashion reviews, movie reviews, you name it...everything and all thoughts associated with everything that is, Julia R.

To the right you will find links to my personal blog favorites. . . enjoy!

Get ready. Get set.

Julia R.

[p.s. ew. I just realized that 95% of my blog was about myspace. Sorry about that...]


Zack said...

pshhh myspace

Sheena said...

Haha! I deleted my MySpace forever ago. The 80-year-old men sending messages just didn't work for me!

nice blog.