Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Its been a while..

Yeah yeah yeah...So, I know its been a long time since I've updated this thing, but trust me...I've been thinking about posting something..( I've just been too lazy to do it ). I've been super duper busy...

Any who- Here are a few things I've been soaking up since I last spoke with you all...

- Rosie O'Donnell is Cuh-RAY-Zeee -
Uh, where the heck do I begin with this one...?
First there was this.....Thank you Elizabeth for trying, atleast.
Then there was this....Thank you GOD.
Then she decided to join the "True Colors" Tour.
Then she decides to exploit her children.

Man. She's such a great role model. And boy does she stay classy while doing it!

-Paris Hilton is Blah blah blah -
Blah Blah..
Oh yeah...and she's also an artist. Thats hot!

- Some Pro-Wrestler is Crazy too -
Probably the most disturbing piece of news yet. What drove this guy to murder his wife and
child? Millions of dollars, a wife, a cute little kid, fans world wide....way to throw it all away.
- A poor little girl gets her feet chopped off -
Ok. I am in NO way trying to make light of this story, but DEAR GOD?
Her feet, completely severed?! How awful can a middle schoolers life be? I seriously seriously
feel for this young lady. I hope she gets billions and billions of dollars out of this and I hope that she has a very successful recovery. AND I hope that whoever was supposed to inspect the ride on a regular basis gets his ass Fired and that he can only find a job as Rosie O'Donnell's personal assistant.

- The World's fastest Weiner eater is now UNABLE to compete!
Now...this piece of news, it just takes the cake.
Jaw injuries!
"Being the pride of [his] mother"!

Here are a few pics of what I've been up to.
More blogulicious entries to come, y'all!!

love always,

p.s. I turn 20 on the 4th..Ugh.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

The price is no longer right..

Aww...this made me sad. I remember love love loving watching this with my baby sitter every afternoon. We'd switch between The Price is Right, Bob Ross with his "happy little trees", and Ricky Lake. Bob Barker is so old man - HOT! And he is one tan mo fo.

love you bobby. you shall be missed.

Monday, June 4, 2007

M.T.V. Movie Awar....wait, who?

So I watched the MTV Movie Awards last night.

Was it just me, orrr....did you not know who any of those people were?!? I found the following pictures on the MTV Website with the following captions:


The Hills' stars Whitney Port, Lauren "LC" Conrad and Audrina Partridge stick together on the pink carpet.

WHO? Wait, did someone say--port? Where? And Partridge? Ok...I get it...that must be...wait, I don't get it. Who?

Skinny-tied Hairspray heartthrob Zac Efron shows off the baby blues that got him through High School (Musical).

Wait, what?? High School? What are you talking about? And why is he wearing his belt around his neck?

TRANSFORMERS director and all-around action guru Michael Bay will come to your home and personally melt your eyeballs with his very special effects.

I don't even know what that means. My eyeballs? But are you suuure this isn't that guy from Thank You for Smoking?

Arielle Kebell of Football Wives.

OMG. love the dress. but...WHO?

Alexa Vega of The Beautiful Ordinary.


Columbus Short and Meagan Good of Stomp The Yard.

Hmm...Even though their body language is saying, "Of COURSE we're here! ", its nooot quite ringin a bell...


If you know who ANY of thsoe people are...please let me know. I'm genuinely interested.
I mean, I know that MTV award shows aren't very credible in the first place...but, its still something fun to watch on TV that makes me feel semi-"in" with the "in" crowd. Especially the year that Lindsay Lohan was the host and she did all that dancing and stuff, that made me feel super young and hip! Or should I say...HELLA young and Hip?

Did I say that I didn't know anyone at the awards show? I'm sorry I lied...how could I have forgotten these guys?!?

SAMUEL L!!!!!! SO hot.

And Chris Tucker!!!! Or as I like to call him, CT! Look, he's so hot, he's sweating profusely.

As for the musical performances....Rihanna did her "hit", "Umberella" Which literally featured Jay-z for 30 seconds of the song. [ Not that you could see his face behind his black hoody in the first place..BUT. ] Maan, I love that song. Such artistry. Look up the lyrics. You'll agree with. If you don't cry...you're obviously not in touch with your emotions...
As for Amy Winehouse's performance...I love her and I love the song...but seriously, girl....WAKE UP!!!
Thats all from me today folks. Talk to you soon.
Julia R.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Soooo Dirrrrttty...

For all of you that have been worried...don't you worry, ITS TRUE! The Dirty Dancing Video Game IS coming out! I mean?! If you're not already jumping out of your seat, perming your hair, and putting your dance shoes on...I don't even know what your problem is!!!!!!!!

Forget Dance Dance Revolution...this is for real dance enthusiasts. The game allows you to learn all the Hot 80's moves Baby and Johnny made hot hot hot in the movie....sure to get you laid in NO time.
These are the kind of things that make me proud to be an American.
Julia R.