Monday, June 4, 2007

M.T.V. Movie Awar....wait, who?

So I watched the MTV Movie Awards last night.

Was it just me, orrr....did you not know who any of those people were?!? I found the following pictures on the MTV Website with the following captions:


The Hills' stars Whitney Port, Lauren "LC" Conrad and Audrina Partridge stick together on the pink carpet.

WHO? Wait, did someone say--port? Where? And Partridge? Ok...I get it...that must be...wait, I don't get it. Who?

Skinny-tied Hairspray heartthrob Zac Efron shows off the baby blues that got him through High School (Musical).

Wait, what?? High School? What are you talking about? And why is he wearing his belt around his neck?

TRANSFORMERS director and all-around action guru Michael Bay will come to your home and personally melt your eyeballs with his very special effects.

I don't even know what that means. My eyeballs? But are you suuure this isn't that guy from Thank You for Smoking?

Arielle Kebell of Football Wives.

OMG. love the dress. but...WHO?

Alexa Vega of The Beautiful Ordinary.


Columbus Short and Meagan Good of Stomp The Yard.

Hmm...Even though their body language is saying, "Of COURSE we're here! ", its nooot quite ringin a bell...


If you know who ANY of thsoe people are...please let me know. I'm genuinely interested.
I mean, I know that MTV award shows aren't very credible in the first place...but, its still something fun to watch on TV that makes me feel semi-"in" with the "in" crowd. Especially the year that Lindsay Lohan was the host and she did all that dancing and stuff, that made me feel super young and hip! Or should I say...HELLA young and Hip?

Did I say that I didn't know anyone at the awards show? I'm sorry I could I have forgotten these guys?!?

SAMUEL L!!!!!! SO hot.

And Chris Tucker!!!! Or as I like to call him, CT! Look, he's so hot, he's sweating profusely.

As for the musical performances....Rihanna did her "hit", "Umberella" Which literally featured Jay-z for 30 seconds of the song. [ Not that you could see his face behind his black hoody in the first place..BUT. ] Maan, I love that song. Such artistry. Look up the lyrics. You'll agree with. If you don't're obviously not in touch with your emotions...
As for Amy Winehouse's performance...I love her and I love the song...but seriously, girl....WAKE UP!!!
Thats all from me today folks. Talk to you soon.
Julia R.

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popestvictor said...

Michael Bay is the director of a lot of movies. he's amazing, directed movies like transformers, bad boys, the island, armageddon, pearl harbor, the rock... just a well known guy in the film industry.