Wednesday, November 7, 2007

so basically..

i feel real real bloated because i just ate a real real juicy pear and am sitting in a funny position.
anyway. a few very weird things happend to me today:

1) i fell in love with these masked magicians again.

i've heard this song so many times, but some how the live version makes me melt.

2) a random person emailed me and said that they are sexually attracted to me by way of quoting Tobias on Arrested Development. Gross.

3) I wore THE ugliest pants today because I woke up late and had NO time. Who DOES that? I'll have to post pictures tomorrow because you really really have to see how bad they were.

i think thats it. I'm sorry i've neglected you all. But more to come, more more to be done.

I love you,
Julia R.

1 comment:

elise said...

who the heck is in that vido??