Friday, December 28, 2007


2007: In The Beginning
Where did you bring in the New Year?: my apartment in va beach.
Who were you with?: oh gosh. too many people to even mention here.
Did you kiss anyone at midnight?: yes. a kiss i was completely caught off guard with.
Did you make any resolutions?: probably. who knows tho.

2007: Your Love Life
Did you break up with anyone?: yes
Did you get anything for Valentine's day?: yes. but that was a whole other story in its self.
Did you meet anyone special?: yes- a few really special people, actually
Did you fall in love?: more and more with my niece.

2007: Friends and Enemies
Did you meet any new friends this year?: yes
Did any of your friendships end?: yes.
Did you dislike anyone?: yes
Did you make any new enemies?: probably.
Did you resolve any fights?: i guess.
Who was your closest friend?: my sisters have always stuck by me. other than that....thomas, ruth, crystal
Who did you grow apart from?: no no no. that would just be rude.
Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships?: i think i give too many people the benefit of the doubt.

2007: Your BIRTHDAY!!!
Did you have a cake? tiramisu
What did you do for your birthday?: dinner w/ the family at azars and then spent the rest w/ thomas riding around on his motorcycle and havin fun.
Did you have a party?: i don't like having parties mostly. i'm down with small gatherings.
Did you get any presents?: i got a few really good ones, actually.
If so what was the best thing you got?: my macbook. i really didn't want to spend my own money on one.

2007: All about YOU
Did you change at all this year?: 2007 was a very huge year for me. it was very very defining mentally and emotionally for me.
Did you dye your hair? nope
Did you get your hair cut?: yes
Did you change your style?: i don't think i really have a specific style. i just wear whatever i have laying around and try to make it work.
Were you in school?: nope
Did you get good grades?: n/a
Did you have a job?: yes. several.
Did you drive?: too much
Did you own a car?: yes
Did anyone close to you give birth?: my cousin
Did you move at all?: from my apt to my parents to my sisters' and soon to be, hopefully, somewhere else.
Did you go on any vacations?: orlando, dc a few times, nyc, nashville. yes. a few vacations, actually :)
Did you leave the country at all?: unfortunately, no.
Would you change anything about yourself now?: i would be finishing up my degree if i could.

2007: Wrap Up.
Is 2007 a good year?: it was a biig lesson learned.
Did 2007 bring any new insights?: i really just learned that taking care of myself is something that i really need to make a priority. keeping MY goals in mind and striving to achieve them rather than helping everyone else before i do myself.
Do you think 2008 will top 2007?: i'm optimistic. it was an interesting year.
If you could relive any moment which would you choose?: honestly? now that i think about all of the negative things i wouldn't want to live over....there are soo many moments i would absolutely love to have again.

Friday, December 21, 2007

ice melts.

copywritten | juliaramos_photography 2007

so. i know its been so long since i've shared my thoughts. sometimes, for me, writing is about finding the right place and the right time in your mind and heart. sometimes i feel so many things at once, scattered thoughts about what goes on, that i just don't have the ability to write it all down and let any of it make any sense. i took these pictures at an antique store in lynchburg, VA this weekend. for some reason, i can't stop looking at them. every time i do i smell the dusty furniture and hear the creaking wood floors beneath my feet and i find myself wanting to be in that cloudy sunlight again. maybe it's just really where my mind and heart are right now. in an antique store ... on the second floor ... on a winter day ... looking out of aged windows ... just sitting there trying to put thoughts together and attempting to figure things out . . .

copywritten | juliaramos_photography 2007

i'm afraid to get older.
i'm afraid to be naiive.
i'm afraid of old love.
i'm afraid of new love.
i can't wait to hug my sister.
i like when he kisses the corner of my mouth.
i no longer feel the need to beg for life to finally begin.

that scares the hell out of me.
where are you taking me, Lord?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

CHRISTMAS LIST 2007 it is. I know it's a lot more than last year, but...I've i was told to be a little bit less general and a little more serious about what I want. I'm sorry! I'm a lucky girl...and most of what I need I already have. I guess thats why they ask you what you WANT as opposed to what you need. Even still, after going through it...a lot of these things are items I could buy myself but have passed on because I hate spending my money. * Sigh...welp, since you asked....

- MS Office for my mac
- GAS CARDS!!!! I HATE spending money on gas.
- Someone to come and detail my car because its a MESS
- A new Day planner because mine is falling apart.
- Queen Sized Sheets
- More Pillows for my bed
- Memory Foam!! I love those things.
- A new good book to read
- A new bible
- Good Mixes and/or CDs
- Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume
- And more particularly...the following items [ THE FOLLOWING ARE DIRECT LINKS...SO CLICK TO SEE A PIC ]:
1) UO Lux House of Yes Dress
2) UO Chunky Ribbed Grey Tights
3) UO Buffalo Plaid Scarf
4) BDG Cigarette Leg Jean in Black
5) Lux Stay Golden Bomber Leather Jacket
6) Jeffery Campbell Studded Snake Skimmer Flats
7) ALL of these.
8) A gift certificate to TOPSHOP
9) A Pink CHI
10) A portable Easel
11)Canvas, New brushes, Paint
12)This Cute little lamp from Anthropologie. MINUS the shade because I think it's a bit much.
13) This handbag by Goldenbleu
14) This Pink iPod Dock...but i have a 30 Gig so ... yeah. I'm thinking it might be compatible.
15)The new blackjack. Upgrade it biat...mine is getting tacky.
Thats all I can think of. If I think of anything else I'll let you know.