Friday, December 28, 2007


2007: In The Beginning
Where did you bring in the New Year?: my apartment in va beach.
Who were you with?: oh gosh. too many people to even mention here.
Did you kiss anyone at midnight?: yes. a kiss i was completely caught off guard with.
Did you make any resolutions?: probably. who knows tho.

2007: Your Love Life
Did you break up with anyone?: yes
Did you get anything for Valentine's day?: yes. but that was a whole other story in its self.
Did you meet anyone special?: yes- a few really special people, actually
Did you fall in love?: more and more with my niece.

2007: Friends and Enemies
Did you meet any new friends this year?: yes
Did any of your friendships end?: yes.
Did you dislike anyone?: yes
Did you make any new enemies?: probably.
Did you resolve any fights?: i guess.
Who was your closest friend?: my sisters have always stuck by me. other than that....thomas, ruth, crystal
Who did you grow apart from?: no no no. that would just be rude.
Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships?: i think i give too many people the benefit of the doubt.

2007: Your BIRTHDAY!!!
Did you have a cake? tiramisu
What did you do for your birthday?: dinner w/ the family at azars and then spent the rest w/ thomas riding around on his motorcycle and havin fun.
Did you have a party?: i don't like having parties mostly. i'm down with small gatherings.
Did you get any presents?: i got a few really good ones, actually.
If so what was the best thing you got?: my macbook. i really didn't want to spend my own money on one.

2007: All about YOU
Did you change at all this year?: 2007 was a very huge year for me. it was very very defining mentally and emotionally for me.
Did you dye your hair? nope
Did you get your hair cut?: yes
Did you change your style?: i don't think i really have a specific style. i just wear whatever i have laying around and try to make it work.
Were you in school?: nope
Did you get good grades?: n/a
Did you have a job?: yes. several.
Did you drive?: too much
Did you own a car?: yes
Did anyone close to you give birth?: my cousin
Did you move at all?: from my apt to my parents to my sisters' and soon to be, hopefully, somewhere else.
Did you go on any vacations?: orlando, dc a few times, nyc, nashville. yes. a few vacations, actually :)
Did you leave the country at all?: unfortunately, no.
Would you change anything about yourself now?: i would be finishing up my degree if i could.

2007: Wrap Up.
Is 2007 a good year?: it was a biig lesson learned.
Did 2007 bring any new insights?: i really just learned that taking care of myself is something that i really need to make a priority. keeping MY goals in mind and striving to achieve them rather than helping everyone else before i do myself.
Do you think 2008 will top 2007?: i'm optimistic. it was an interesting year.
If you could relive any moment which would you choose?: honestly? now that i think about all of the negative things i wouldn't want to live over....there are soo many moments i would absolutely love to have again.

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