Wednesday, December 12, 2007

CHRISTMAS LIST 2007 it is. I know it's a lot more than last year, but...I've i was told to be a little bit less general and a little more serious about what I want. I'm sorry! I'm a lucky girl...and most of what I need I already have. I guess thats why they ask you what you WANT as opposed to what you need. Even still, after going through it...a lot of these things are items I could buy myself but have passed on because I hate spending my money. * Sigh...welp, since you asked....

- MS Office for my mac
- GAS CARDS!!!! I HATE spending money on gas.
- Someone to come and detail my car because its a MESS
- A new Day planner because mine is falling apart.
- Queen Sized Sheets
- More Pillows for my bed
- Memory Foam!! I love those things.
- A new good book to read
- A new bible
- Good Mixes and/or CDs
- Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume
- And more particularly...the following items [ THE FOLLOWING ARE DIRECT LINKS...SO CLICK TO SEE A PIC ]:
1) UO Lux House of Yes Dress
2) UO Chunky Ribbed Grey Tights
3) UO Buffalo Plaid Scarf
4) BDG Cigarette Leg Jean in Black
5) Lux Stay Golden Bomber Leather Jacket
6) Jeffery Campbell Studded Snake Skimmer Flats
7) ALL of these.
8) A gift certificate to TOPSHOP
9) A Pink CHI
10) A portable Easel
11)Canvas, New brushes, Paint
12)This Cute little lamp from Anthropologie. MINUS the shade because I think it's a bit much.
13) This handbag by Goldenbleu
14) This Pink iPod Dock...but i have a 30 Gig so ... yeah. I'm thinking it might be compatible.
15)The new blackjack. Upgrade it biat...mine is getting tacky.
Thats all I can think of. If I think of anything else I'll let you know.

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