Thursday, January 31, 2008

how many times do you forgive?

and when do you stop yourself...just so you don't get hurt again?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Why does NPR remind me of my childhood? Seriously.
Whenever I hear the crisp clear slightly boring voices come through my car speakers I think back to when I was a little girl...growing up in a tiny apartment in DC. That wasn't my home, home...but my home away from home. Where my God mother would tell me stories about riding camels in the deserts of Egypt. Or tell me stories about her adventures in Paris or teaching in China. She would share painting techniques and try her best to teach us how to sign and read braille. She would give us books from her collection and write long notes to us on the inside of the front cover, making sure to write our names in beautiful calligraphic script. We'd listen to tribal sounding records from her huge record collection and some nights, we would even go to the kennedy and catch a show. In the mornings Grandma would cook breakfast and cut orange wedges and after we'd walk the mall beneath the blooming cherry blossoms.

These things are weird. So weird. But I want it back. Maybe someone can explain in to me. Until then...I'm going to keep listening just so I can re-live it.

Monday, January 28, 2008

breaking glass

So this weekend was quite fun. Thomas came and we did a little bit of celebrating for his 23rd birthday. A few things here and there with the fam and then the real fun began.

Thursday was a quiet night. After work, we went and had dinner w/ Josiah Schlater. He is currently on break from touring w/ Mae. It is so weird how quickly life can change. A week before he got asked to tour he and I were job hunting. Who knew? We had dinner at BWW and then played guitar hero till the wee hours.

We went and saw Juno Friday night, which, I must say, was a little bit.. disappointing? Although I really love films that are out of the ordinary; certainly a description when thinking about the fact that it was nominated for an Oscar along side movies like, No Country for Old Men and Atonement...I really wasn't feeling the amount of "lingo", as I like to call it, used in the movie. Every trailer and preview you've seen have probably been appealing to you because of this very reason, but to me... it was way way too much. No 16 year old is that witty. I DID however, manage to cry a total of 3 times during the movie, simply because it really was an amazing story. If you were to ask me, I'd give Juno a B+. Winston's after the movie then we left town for Thomas' b-day party in NC

Saturday was birthday lunch at the Bier Garden in downtown Portsmouth, Dinner at the Tap House in Norfolk and then Atonement. A movie which, with ZERO hesitations I would have to say is an AMAZING little movie. I really dislike Keira Knightly but was totally down once I discovered how amazingly the movie was written. Go see it. That is all I can tell you.

Sunday was church and Thomas was off into the sunset on another journey again.

Sometimes I really can't believe how often my best friends seem to come and then in a matter of time are gone again. We have these amazing times together...where laughing never stops and fun never ever stops and making moments seem to be our only agenda. But then, its real life again and they leave...

Sometimes I wonder why I haven't left yet and that maybe somehow if I did, it would make me miss them less.

Maybe it's really time?