Thursday, February 28, 2008

oh how i love love love

Check out these little gems I found yesterday:

Cute right? They're like...perfection for spring. I couldn't believe my luck! Well good news, you may be just as lucky... Details coming soon! These cute little belts and cinches could be yours...!

Monday, February 25, 2008



After 2 months of searching NON-STOP..I finally found my long lost favorite black tee.

Where did i find it?

In a Versace bag containing the following items:
- A copy of Nylon mag - the Aug 2006 issue w/ Ash on the cover.
- Penis straws from Claire's bachelorette party.
- My black Nine West suede ankle boots!!!
- The stub from my boarding pass to nashville.
- An empty box of fruit by the foot.

What is my life?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

is it even possibe?

to be addicted to sleep?
and hot showers?

seriously. i'll take like, 2 to 3 showers a day just because i feel stressed.
its probably not good for my hair or my skin...but it just feels too good.
the past week has been crazy. i really can't even believe all the stupid things that went on.


do you ever just want to get down on your knees and beg someone to be good to you?
do you ever just want to take your phone and smash it into a billion pieces?
do you ever feel like your life could totally be the next installment of laguna beach?
tonight i'm going to pray for an out of body experience. because things just aren't straight w/ me. before this past week things were good, but now i just feel so angry at almost everything. and everyone. and everything.

like my cell phone for always being the bearer of bad news.
and money for ruining everything that was ever good.
or maybe my body in general for wanting things that are stupid. like sugar. and carbs. and kisses from stupid boys.

and its only been because of this past week, all of this.
i'm rambling.

SO anyway...

Here are my "TOPS" so far for 2008...because there are so many things to love right now and to be excited about and to be happy about and...and....etc!:

- Top Model: Totally down w/ Anya...just don't listen to her talk >>>

- Top Oscar: No Country for Old Men >>>

- Top Album: Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
SUCH a colorful album. Feels good to listen to. A mix of Dr. Dog, the beatles, david bowie, and Elvis Costello

- Top Designer on Project Runway: Now this is a Tough one! Initially, I'd say Christian. I mean...its obvious. He's Amazing at what he does! But c'mon! Like, i know the Heatherette guys are crazy - BUT...i feel like christian is his own dimension and at least Heatherette makes Crazy shiz..Christian's pieces are classy and straight lined and amazingly tailored. His personality doesn't represent what he believes in his art!?! Yet, at the same never know the industry...that's the type of thing that clients could either eat up or absolutely HATE. Here is Christian's collection from NY Fashion week. Like i said, he's ridiculous but notice his pose at the end - typical Christian really says everything about him. WARNING: If you're a fan of the show and hate
spoilers...DON'T watch it!

I ALSO love love love Jillian!! I don't think she is a couture designer as Christian is, but i absolutely think she could make an amazing ready to wear line. As far as her business savvy and personality goes....she is the polar opposite of Christian...almost TOO boring! Here is Jillians collection from Bryant Park. I absolutely would wear every last bit of it. So so cute.

and Last...who DOESN'T love Rami? ( OK...i guess i also spoiled the finale in that I've found Rami's collection on Youtube, and its sooo much better than Chris' and i have zero question in my mind that he made it to the finals...) Rami is the quentisential - "I came from a poor country, developed my own dress making skills, and am ridiculously good at what i do" - guy. I mean thats Coco Chanel! Thats Ralph Lauren! Thats Gucci! That is the story of every designer that has made a ridiculous impact on fashion. What designers showing right now have that story anymore? Close to none. THAT is why i love Rami so much...because i feel like he may have the most authenticity to his art. I'm not crazy about his separates, but his Dresses are quite beautiful. I don't see much wrong with the collection like the commentator on this next video does, but HERE is Rami's collection from fashion week. He may not be the one sticking to fall's trends, but i personally loved his collection in that its more of what a woman would really wear.

So basically, for me, its between the three - I think Rami would benefit the most from this competition and am kinda rooting for him!

- Top pick for the up coming presidential election: Huckabee. And no, I am not joking. He is the only candidate that I feel is really all about what he says he is about. I know he won't be on the ballad BUT...I'm praying for a miracle. . . I don't understand what Obama is really all about....simply because i feel like he hasn't really had a stance on anything AND i swear i will leave the country if Hilary gets it. She will ruin all of our lives. Her current campaign strategy- smearing Baraks character every chance she gets is really hurting her. How can someone like that lead the country?

check the following out..

The following is gooood stuff on the whole thing. Its pretty incredible!

This list will be updated periodically every time i find something else requiring of my opinion...

back to photo editing!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

quit playing games!

No, but the whole thing....

There's a fine line you do not cross...and I think Howie crossed it.

Monday, February 18, 2008

taken from

THIS is why i love the fug girls.


SCARLETT JOHANSSON: Thanks for taking the fall this time, Natalie. It's nice of you to step up to the plate and get all crazy looking, right after I made that big fuss about how imperfect you make me feel.

NATALIE PORTMAN: Huh? I mean, excuse me?

SCARLETT: You know, you totally took the pressure off me by showing up to this event wearing a complex array of curtains. It's nice of you.


SCARLETT: I'm saying, I hate what you're wearing, and THANK YOU for that. God. You went to that fancy college, you'd think you'd have better aural comprehension.

NATALIE: I understood you, I was just perplexed and distracted by your unusually ratty hair. For your information, this dress is extremely significant.

SCARLETT: So was Bjork's swan outfit.

NATALIE: Well. I never! I had no idea that you were pure evil.

SCARLETT: I am NOT evil. I am GRATEFUL that you are taking the pressure off me! Why has this conversation gone so terribly wrong? No one understands me!

NATALIE: My significant dress and I are going to go over there and stand next to Eric Bana now. I'll talk to you when you feel ready to apologize.

SCARLETT: BUT...oh, never mind.

don't stop the beat! pt 2


Sunday, February 17, 2008

don't stop the beat!

Was last night even real?

pictures coming soon! i know you're so excited.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

make it last with a burn

There's a breeze blowing up from north carolina tonight...i know because it smells like a billion campfires burning at once outside. You know how most of the time, in the winter you can smell someone's fireplace settling; you know...that comforting winter smell? Well outside its that times a billion. It's filling your car, its on your hair; so much that you can almost taste it. It's crazy how brush fires start....a simple spark can make a whole forest burn down. A whole community burn down. A whole city burn down. . .

If i do say so myself, its not only the woodlands burning to the ground...things are thick here...and it is so easy to catch wind of...


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

come clean, all around me.

A few shots I took of my niece today:

all images, © juliaramos_photography 2008

she's the best thing to ever happen.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Crazy. Crazy. CRAZY.

I got a call this morning from another company offering me a better paying job...with weekends off...and amazing benefits. Of course this comes a few days before I start training at my new job, right? iloveit.

I'm gonna do something outside today because its like, 62 degrees out in Feb. Like cleaning my car? Probably not.

Oh yeah and one more thing:

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

whats good?

So. been out of touch with reality lately. Break-ups will do that to you.

But over all i feel real good about the whole situation. my friends are amazing and keep reminding me that things could ONLY go up from where i was. Hah. That's always the best thing to hear post breakup.

Spain is soon and near (hopefully) - I renewed my passport today and am just a few steps closer to there. God is so good and is getting me through all of this so smoothly. Oddly enough, I've been very cool headed and calm - more so than I though I'd be, but I tend to surprise myself in that department a lot! Anyway...listen to this mix, its getting me through the rain forest and onto the dance floor....

i love you all,
Julia R.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

bruised billy joel

"When i'm on will you leave me on?
And when i'm down will you let me get under?
Take cover, can't hide without a house
Newspapers blow over
Can't walk past the driveway without asking for directions
So full of stupid questions
When the daylight's like flourescent lights
I'm going to take my time night by night
I hang my hands over your eyes to hide
When i'm on will you rescue me?
I watch that telethon
Got hung up on the word, can't get it over, soldier
When she says nothing is enough, she doesn't mean dont try to fix it
Make plans with your other hand
Dream without concession
When the daylight's like flourescent lights
I'm going to take my time night by night
I hang my hands over your eyes to hide
Bruised Billy Joel - New York state of mind
Take cover, take pleasure."

Telethon - Emily Haines