Saturday, March 29, 2008


this is TOPS.

why does this remind me of my life, cutie?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

don't buy.

i recently purchased Aveeno's Continuous Radiance Mosturizing lotion...

It wasn't on purpose, btw. The lotion actually is a "gradual skin color enhancer". I meant to purchase the face moisturizer i've been eying...but decided to keep the stuff anyway. I figured it was Aveeno their products have always worked for me in the past and that the "gradual" skin enhancement would be completely natural...

Long story short...don't buy it. I have tan in a can marks all over my hands [ and you know that i don't need it ] AND for some reason, whenever i use it, my hands smell like food. FOOD! Garlic to be exact. The scent of the lotion when you FIRST put it on is fine, but after about 20 mins your hands start to smell like you've been cooking italian food all day.

Is this weird, ladies? Am i the ONLY one that these things happen to?
Please tell me i am not.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

poor little astronaut

she has the suit
she's been trained to fly
but then, there's gravity. and she can't get high enough to escape it.

or maybe, she can. but maybe she's just too chicken to try.
the stars and moon are waiting.
the galaxies are vast and are screaming for her.
but. she's just too chicken.

x x x
dear you,

i'm so sorry, but, this has become much more harder than i anticipated.

Monday, March 24, 2008


i totally won poker tonight.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Boyfriend just made my night.

Today has been up early for practice. Right after went to my nieces birthday party. Had dinner with kell bell. Got home...did a ton of laundry and felt slammed by 8p. Ben doesn't get off of work until midnight. [ he works security at a bank call center - the hottest rent-a-cop you'll ever meet. ] He also goes to school during the day and is especially busy because he's graduating w/ his degree in criminal justice this may. he's a busy busy boy with a lotta lotta goals.

Anyway... I haven't seen the kid since sometime last week cuz he's been on holiday in FL with the boys. I really didn't know when I'd be able to see him. He came home early this morning around 5a and had to go into work at 4. Usually i'll get a phone call from him around 10ish to help the time of his shift go by...tonight i called him to say goodnight and all was normal. he was just getting off of work. we chatted a bit when i decided to go shower and that i'd call him back. I call him...we chat a little more and then he asks me a silly question...

"So...i have this really big favor to ask you. Don't get mad, ok? its kinda a big deal. Do you think you could come outside for a second?"

He came bearing gifts from FL...and a few other things :).this is what i got:

A flip-flop lighter

Salt Water Taffy which is tops!

A sweet post card and a sticker from Ron John

I also asked him to get me something really tacky and awful
What did i get?

Oh, nothing. Just TATTOO IN A CAN!?!

AND LAST but certainly NOT least...

pretty little tulips.

What did i give him? Two lips.


Spray tattoo in a can! Who DOES that?
*sigh. now i can sleep. my day is officially complete :B.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Ok...So this is mariah carey back when i was growing up..i'm not quite sure when this was but based on the hair, which she also had for the cover of her 1994 Christmas Album, its around that time frame. ( You think its strange that i know that? trust isn't ):

95% of the notes are clean. Even the whistle register ones! Consider the fact that his was her on basically this happened every night for 6 months straight.

THIS is Mariah a few weeks ago on SNL preforming a song from her new album apparently called, "E=MC2" because that just makes so much sense:

Uh... i don't even know how to comprehend the difference?? How long has it been since she's put out a record? How did all of the skills she once had seem to disappear? How did she get so . . . amazon?

I need answers, guys.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

what a week...

This week has been super nutz.

Thursday night was the foxy's double show night...first at hodads then the lame time at SQs. the boys played great but i couldn't stand the chick in the mini-skirt that also just so happened to be a photographer. Who in their right mind, as a photographer, takes pictures in a dress and heels? Anyway, didn't have my camera that night. Sometimes if i'm in a rush, i'll grab my ipod instead of my camera which is exactly what i did.

Friday was amazing w/ the tokyo cd release party and the bonfire @ pagett manor:

Saturday was lunch w/ my boy at baker's crust where i Swear i saw Suge Knight....that evening were Paul and Aaron's Bday celebrations @ scotty quixx:

Monday was St. Patty's Day:

Tuesday was super busy. Worked all day and then had band practice. Tonight was shopping w/ the family in town and then A birthday dinner, INCLUDING ice cream cake which i hadn't had in like, years? I forgot how good it was. Tomorrow is more showing them around and then Ross' Show @ SQs / 80s night. On top of all this, boyfriend's in FL w/ the boys and everyone i know and love is sick! What is the world coming to??

More fun times to be documented. We'll see if this weekend can beat the one past....hopefully!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

hummuna hummmuna

+Hi st. patty's day:

+ Hi future child:

+ Hi new hair in a week:


Sunday, March 16, 2008

oh dear.

So friday night tokyo and the foxies had a show where they both played on the flat bed of an 18 wheeler truck. it was pretty sick.

but what is REALLY sick, is the humungo bruise i have on my left leg from climbing up the thing, losing my footing, and hitting a steel rod with my tender little body. it looks kinda like the bruise from the league of their own. you know which one i'm talking about. and now, for some odd reason, every time i sit, my left leg falls asleep. how do these things happen to me?

either way, the night was amazing - as you can see in the vids posted before this. all that were there agree that it will pretty much be impossible for any other night to top that night. ALL of us fulfilled our dreams of olympic glory out there on the ice. it just so happened to have been caught on film. i am now a firm believer in video blogging...because no words can recreate moments like real life - raw - and unadulterated video footage. what am i even talking about?

back to the task at hand - -

my mission of the week...find a cute easter dress [ yes, i still buy those ] - for UNDER $30 this year. because you only wear it once. and everyone knows that. unless, of course, you're going to a spring/summer wedding. gotcha.

i'll keep you updated. this should be fun.

p.s. oh, and did i tell you?

Saturday, March 15, 2008


last night. nutz.

"Professionals are not easy to make...and she's showing excellent form...EXCELLENT FORM!"

Thursday, March 6, 2008

goood god.

thats all.

the whole of my 21 years...

...caught on film!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008