Thursday, March 27, 2008

don't buy.

i recently purchased Aveeno's Continuous Radiance Mosturizing lotion...

It wasn't on purpose, btw. The lotion actually is a "gradual skin color enhancer". I meant to purchase the face moisturizer i've been eying...but decided to keep the stuff anyway. I figured it was Aveeno their products have always worked for me in the past and that the "gradual" skin enhancement would be completely natural...

Long story short...don't buy it. I have tan in a can marks all over my hands [ and you know that i don't need it ] AND for some reason, whenever i use it, my hands smell like food. FOOD! Garlic to be exact. The scent of the lotion when you FIRST put it on is fine, but after about 20 mins your hands start to smell like you've been cooking italian food all day.

Is this weird, ladies? Am i the ONLY one that these things happen to?
Please tell me i am not.

1 comment:

Ruth said...

you aren't! i bought something similar from aveeno and i had orange hands for a couple weeks.

agreed - do not buy.

ps. love. umm, spain?! give me updatez on that jank.