Sunday, March 16, 2008

oh dear.

So friday night tokyo and the foxies had a show where they both played on the flat bed of an 18 wheeler truck. it was pretty sick.

but what is REALLY sick, is the humungo bruise i have on my left leg from climbing up the thing, losing my footing, and hitting a steel rod with my tender little body. it looks kinda like the bruise from the league of their own. you know which one i'm talking about. and now, for some odd reason, every time i sit, my left leg falls asleep. how do these things happen to me?

either way, the night was amazing - as you can see in the vids posted before this. all that were there agree that it will pretty much be impossible for any other night to top that night. ALL of us fulfilled our dreams of olympic glory out there on the ice. it just so happened to have been caught on film. i am now a firm believer in video blogging...because no words can recreate moments like real life - raw - and unadulterated video footage. what am i even talking about?

back to the task at hand - -

my mission of the week...find a cute easter dress [ yes, i still buy those ] - for UNDER $30 this year. because you only wear it once. and everyone knows that. unless, of course, you're going to a spring/summer wedding. gotcha.

i'll keep you updated. this should be fun.

p.s. oh, and did i tell you?

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