Thursday, March 20, 2008

what a week...

This week has been super nutz.

Thursday night was the foxy's double show night...first at hodads then the lame time at SQs. the boys played great but i couldn't stand the chick in the mini-skirt that also just so happened to be a photographer. Who in their right mind, as a photographer, takes pictures in a dress and heels? Anyway, didn't have my camera that night. Sometimes if i'm in a rush, i'll grab my ipod instead of my camera which is exactly what i did.

Friday was amazing w/ the tokyo cd release party and the bonfire @ pagett manor:

Saturday was lunch w/ my boy at baker's crust where i Swear i saw Suge Knight....that evening were Paul and Aaron's Bday celebrations @ scotty quixx:

Monday was St. Patty's Day:

Tuesday was super busy. Worked all day and then had band practice. Tonight was shopping w/ the family in town and then A birthday dinner, INCLUDING ice cream cake which i hadn't had in like, years? I forgot how good it was. Tomorrow is more showing them around and then Ross' Show @ SQs / 80s night. On top of all this, boyfriend's in FL w/ the boys and everyone i know and love is sick! What is the world coming to??

More fun times to be documented. We'll see if this weekend can beat the one past....hopefully!

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