Sunday, March 23, 2008


Boyfriend just made my night.

Today has been up early for practice. Right after went to my nieces birthday party. Had dinner with kell bell. Got home...did a ton of laundry and felt slammed by 8p. Ben doesn't get off of work until midnight. [ he works security at a bank call center - the hottest rent-a-cop you'll ever meet. ] He also goes to school during the day and is especially busy because he's graduating w/ his degree in criminal justice this may. he's a busy busy boy with a lotta lotta goals.

Anyway... I haven't seen the kid since sometime last week cuz he's been on holiday in FL with the boys. I really didn't know when I'd be able to see him. He came home early this morning around 5a and had to go into work at 4. Usually i'll get a phone call from him around 10ish to help the time of his shift go by...tonight i called him to say goodnight and all was normal. he was just getting off of work. we chatted a bit when i decided to go shower and that i'd call him back. I call him...we chat a little more and then he asks me a silly question...

"So...i have this really big favor to ask you. Don't get mad, ok? its kinda a big deal. Do you think you could come outside for a second?"

He came bearing gifts from FL...and a few other things :).this is what i got:

A flip-flop lighter

Salt Water Taffy which is tops!

A sweet post card and a sticker from Ron John

I also asked him to get me something really tacky and awful
What did i get?

Oh, nothing. Just TATTOO IN A CAN!?!

AND LAST but certainly NOT least...

pretty little tulips.

What did i give him? Two lips.


Spray tattoo in a can! Who DOES that?
*sigh. now i can sleep. my day is officially complete :B.

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