Sunday, April 20, 2008

oh my.

what a looong week.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

the M word

This past week, I got asked to be in another friend of mine's wedding. this is #6 in the past 5 years! That's a pretty good pace! Like they say, once a dot dot...?? Lets just hope the rest isn't true. a friend of mine and i started talking about the M word today and she had these huge ideas and such a clear vision of what she wanted. She's not even with anyone right now...haha. [yes, i did get her permission before writing this]. I know girls with scrap books, single girls at that, dedicated to making their dream weddings come true. cut out pictures of dresses, cakes, flowers, napkins, name it. when she asked me what i wanted in my wedding...i found myself speechless. i haven't a clue about what i want my dream wedding to be. maybe the music...but nothing about locations, colors, themes, linens...etc, etc. i always figured, what good would it do to plan now? what if he hates the color peach? what if he's allergic to tulips? who is "he" gonna be anyway? am i the only girl on earth that doesn't think about these things?

For some reason whenever i think about marriage, all i think about is how i could be the kind of woman to be soo good to a man to make him want to never ever leave my side. when i think of a successful marriage i think about my grandparents. they'll be married for 60 years this year. 60 years!! Thats a long time to be with someone! how how how...i ask. in all of the awful things we experience in can 60 years even happen??

I think i'll start by saying...

All that i really want ... the one wish i know i have for my wedding is that when i get married, my grandparents will both be alive to see it happen. They are the two most loving people i've ever met. The two most AMAZING people i've ever met. Of all the things I should have done to make them proud...I want them to be proud in my courage to find love like they have.

Grandpa turned 87 a few days ago. please, God, give me time. because i have to buy another bridesmaid dress. and you know what they say..."once a bridesmaid, always a cute girl that just can't get it right"

just kidding. but close enough. hah!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

trend alert 2008

Here are my annual summer predix..
Check it:

!) must have jean..

FOR THE SCENE: machine wash

FOR THE SWEET: still the dark dark skinny

FOR THE PREPS: extra wide denim....and for the brave super high wasted

FOR THE RIQUA: sun washed denim

@) must have dress...


#) must have shoe:
STATEMENT SANDALS - crazy colors - big jewels - a lot of straps:

$) must have accessory:


more soon.
all items can be found at

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

guilty pleasure time.

so...i'm kinda obsessed w/ paramore right now?
i mean they are great writers in the pop aspect. its so .. jimmy eat world meets...avril? but at the same time they're so anti avril?

anyway...check out they're new single "thats what you get"

its good, right? whatever. don't hate me for this post.

Monday, April 7, 2008

i'm a cherry ghost

The dance party was a success. Here are a few pics from the night...


where did u get the shirt your wearing:

what color is your car:

whats your best friends middle name:
charity / majorie / i can't remember luis'

are you single or taken:
shaken. single. or something like that

are you happy with your status:
i'm not mad about it?

where are you going on your next vacation:
spain. and maine beginning of the summer w/ kell bell

when are you going:
end of may / end of june

whats the last song you listened to:
blindsided - bon iver

are you tan:
too tan to tandle.

birth-stone color:

an animal that starts with the third letter in your name:
hmmm. leopard

last person to give you a compliment:
"do you realize how much we dance... do you realize that you have the most beautiful face.... do you realize that i packed my bags lastnight for korea so i'm ready to go whenever you are" - ben flynn

what is the background on your phone:
this one:

thats josh mchugh

whose number 8 on your speed dial:
i don't have a #8

where do you work:
for myself

what do you do there:
be awesome.

what is hanging from your rear view mirror:

what color are your bedroom walls:
deep purple

what store do you have the most clothes from:
forever 21/h&m. i'd say its a tie

your best friend describes you as [one word]:
"tantalizing" says luis

whats the closest yellow thing to you:
a dvd

what color is the keyboard you are typing on:

what is to your right:
edge of the bed

..and to your left:
my blanket

who were you with the last time you laughed so hard you actually cried:
ok for real. the last time i can remember laughing so hard i cried was watching this vid w/ thom....sooo long ago:

who is the closest person to you:
my mirror.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


i totally went to high school with this kid . i also lived down the street from him...


If you're down...comment w/ Qs

mix radiohead's new single "NUDE"

This is tops...All you aspiring DJ's/producers/etceteras:

Here is your chance:

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


a few vids i have from weeks past.

video video video video video