Monday, April 7, 2008

i'm a cherry ghost

The dance party was a success. Here are a few pics from the night...


where did u get the shirt your wearing:

what color is your car:

whats your best friends middle name:
charity / majorie / i can't remember luis'

are you single or taken:
shaken. single. or something like that

are you happy with your status:
i'm not mad about it?

where are you going on your next vacation:
spain. and maine beginning of the summer w/ kell bell

when are you going:
end of may / end of june

whats the last song you listened to:
blindsided - bon iver

are you tan:
too tan to tandle.

birth-stone color:

an animal that starts with the third letter in your name:
hmmm. leopard

last person to give you a compliment:
"do you realize how much we dance... do you realize that you have the most beautiful face.... do you realize that i packed my bags lastnight for korea so i'm ready to go whenever you are" - ben flynn

what is the background on your phone:
this one:

thats josh mchugh

whose number 8 on your speed dial:
i don't have a #8

where do you work:
for myself

what do you do there:
be awesome.

what is hanging from your rear view mirror:

what color are your bedroom walls:
deep purple

what store do you have the most clothes from:
forever 21/h&m. i'd say its a tie

your best friend describes you as [one word]:
"tantalizing" says luis

whats the closest yellow thing to you:
a dvd

what color is the keyboard you are typing on:

what is to your right:
edge of the bed

..and to your left:
my blanket

who were you with the last time you laughed so hard you actually cried:
ok for real. the last time i can remember laughing so hard i cried was watching this vid w/ thom....sooo long ago:

who is the closest person to you:
my mirror.