Friday, May 30, 2008


where are you, baby?
were you, even?

its probably my fault anyway.

i made it all a curse.
i set it all to rot
just to feel closer. stupid, i know.

and now when i feel alone
i know it isn't all your fault.

sure, your words hurt.
that my weakness would show
only when, only when.

and here i am.
3 moons later
still trying my damnedest to find you
to separate "you" from YOU
to wake up from it all
to be ok with this
to erase it all from my mind.

please stop.
end the play now.
turn the ride off.
please just stop this.
end it now.
i've learned my lesson.
show it all to me again.
alive, alive, again.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

the sun smiles on the red tiles

I’ll leave you, I won't leave you
The sea's so beautiful

The council plans for seaside lands mean beauty writ in law
Views of the seas in legalese, I don't love you anymore

Friday, May 23, 2008

An Open Letter to Miss Mary Mack

Re: Friday Night - 05/16/08

Dear Miss Mary Mack,

I heard a rumor that last week on the dance floor, you were asking a certain someone if I was a good person for your best friend to hang out with. If I'd be there for her when she needed me, if I was just using her for my own juvenile plan. Well here's the deal...the person you asked is probably the last person on earth capable of answering such questions. ( That is - not including your boyfriend of course, who I would NEVER waste a grand ol' second of my life allowing him to get to know me.) I mean, are you serious? The kid knows absolutely NOTHING about me. How grow up - put your heels on and face me like a woman should. If you want to know if i'm "good for your friend", ask me. Where in the small town media have you gathered that I was out to get anyone? In all of my awesomeness...yes, I said it, where and when would i even have time for thrid party business?

Lets face it...I didn't agree at all with what happened..I believe in truth and honor just as much as you do. The girl knows that...but regardless, she's my friend and I'm gonna tell people to lay off when shes sitting there crying her eyes out..which is more than you could say. And on top of all this - are you really THAT concerned about her well being when all you did was sit and look pretty defending your beau? He'll leave you one day for someone better - and all you'll do is go looking for her to hold your hand again. And will she be there for you? Knowing her...Probably. But I guess it all just works out for you, huh? I'm sure that if her love were to ever attack you - the way your long haired, snarling faced boy toy did to her - she would have defended you in a heart beat. I don't know much about you..but she claimed you as her long lost sister and loved you to death no matter what.

So what it comes down to is this: acting like you care isn't enough, Miss Mary. Haven't you learned the rules of the game yet? Pride will always come before the fall. And don't go asking questions of people who wouldn't know the answers, because gossip isn't very lady like, now is it?

You're gonna need your heart one day, Miss Mary, and you just don't have it.


Julia F. Ramos

Thursday, May 22, 2008

poor baby brother.

ma and pop got on sam today for his fashion sense.
one thing you need to understand about him is that he is very fashion savvy. he isn't gay..he's just a ramos.

He likes to wear vests and suspenders and has this pair of high top red converse that he basically sleeps in. he's the cutest kid on the block. he sports a faux hawk with stripes on the side...i mean, really... who does that? he's pretty much the most awesome 13 year old i know.

Today he walked in with a think head band and a comb hanging from the side. Where he comes up with these things? No idea. Mom decides to make a comment about how he looked retarted with that thing on his head. ma and pa are real conservative and aren't about that...let your child find their way and make who they are a reality thing...they basically have a list of things their children will and will not do...this including our fashion choices. I've been fortunate enough to get their approval most of the time, with the exception of the occasional disapproving brow over my message tee and the questioning of a pair of old flip flops.

Anyway...Sam got real offended by this and took it as a personal attack against his sanity. "I'm not retarted mom" was his response. I remember a similar verbal altercation between my mother and i when i used to wear huge glasses and she said that i looked like steve urcle. today - i know my mom didn't mean anything by it...but then it really got to me. I proceeded to explain to sam that i personally didn't really dig the whole comb thing and that he should just listen to ma and not take it to heart. but he did. Ma responded in a "i will only stop saying that you look retarted when you stop wearing that headband and comb around your head." This is only a reflection of my moms impecable humor and also answers a lot of questions about how on earth i turned out the way i did. This is not a slam against mom...its a thank you.

But then, i began to question how i would raise my kids. There are so many parents out there that allow their kids to discover life on their own. to do the whole piercing do the whole colored hair find their own faith and to embrace it. But as an adult...knowing that life would probably be less complicated if i just allow him/her do what they do you make your kids understand the importance of order and instill the values that have gotten you through life just all right. in my is less important than the condition of their hearts. what is truth to me and how much of that am i supposed to make my kid believe. am i supposed to make them? As a do i allow my kids to find it and make it real to themselves than just something their family believed in or something that i'm forcing down my kids' throats.

is it the amount of time you spend with your kids or is it how much you allow them to hang out with their friends? i don't think i would dress and act the way i do if my mom hadn't nagged as much as she did. i have a feeling in a few years, sam will thank her for stopping him from looking like a tool.

so whats your opinion? let it be? or let it be the way i want you to do things, kid?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

genuinely happy.

for the first time in a while...

thank you to all of those responsible for that.
you know who you are.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Get Used to this. Unless its a big event...pix are going up here from now on. Sorry to those that enjoy the tagging thing...But i get WAY too many complaints from people that get caught doing what they shouldn't be doing in a picture....(I won't name any names)..this way...i can post what I want. If you're concerned about being caught doing something that you don't want people to see...don't do it.


Today was beautiful! There wasn't a cloud in the sky. I ended up working from home today and decided that I really needed to spend some time outside. So I called up some friends and took a drive to the S-curve for a much needed break from the past few weeks. I love going out there because there are a handful of fruit stands where you can get fresh fruit to eat on the beach. Here's to living 20 mins from the ocean...

Oh, haay.

Shia and Seth were there..

So was baby girl kimmy. who i love love love. LB showed up wearing jeans, a tee, socks, and sneaks. Really, LB? Really?

There were lady bugs all over!

We also flew kites... which for some reason, chris is really good at. for me..not so much.

flying kites is definitely not as easy as it looks.

Foxies & scotties & more from velvet lounge:

more later.

julia r.

Friday, May 16, 2008

knowledge is power

Eat your heart out, Skeet.

Monday, May 12, 2008

oh, indiana

I just watched Indiana Jones and the temple of doom...

who knew harrison was that hot back then???
I hope to one day find a man named Indiana and is that good with a whip...

wait that didn't come out right.


Anyway. Sorry about the shortage on the blogs. There has been a lot on my plate. I'm opening a new Verizon Store on 21st & Colley and I've just been so busy. The store is going to be my baby though. Good location...good people working for me. I hope we get numbers that are as good as we've been hoping for!

Amy and Evan got married! Such a beautiful time. This was the first time I've actually almost cried at a wedding. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that the two have been together for 7 years! That is what commitment is all about. That is how you stick it out and know that you're meant to be together. I think they did it the right way...

It was also Kimmy's 22nd Birthday this week. We celebrated a few nights in a row...

Off to run errands now.
[ love love ]
Julia R.