Sunday, May 18, 2008


Get Used to this. Unless its a big event...pix are going up here from now on. Sorry to those that enjoy the tagging thing...But i get WAY too many complaints from people that get caught doing what they shouldn't be doing in a picture....(I won't name any names)..this way...i can post what I want. If you're concerned about being caught doing something that you don't want people to see...don't do it.


Today was beautiful! There wasn't a cloud in the sky. I ended up working from home today and decided that I really needed to spend some time outside. So I called up some friends and took a drive to the S-curve for a much needed break from the past few weeks. I love going out there because there are a handful of fruit stands where you can get fresh fruit to eat on the beach. Here's to living 20 mins from the ocean...

Oh, haay.

Shia and Seth were there..

So was baby girl kimmy. who i love love love. LB showed up wearing jeans, a tee, socks, and sneaks. Really, LB? Really?

There were lady bugs all over!

We also flew kites... which for some reason, chris is really good at. for me..not so much.

flying kites is definitely not as easy as it looks.

Foxies & scotties & more from velvet lounge:

more later.

julia r.


Elise Krepcho said...

man, my stuff always look so much better on you.

but i can still "fit into" that scarf, so make sure it stays around through the summer so i can gets it back, yo. and be expecting a fresh supply of clothes that no longer fit me....i'm such a heifer.

kimjong said...

great post.