Friday, May 23, 2008

An Open Letter to Miss Mary Mack

Re: Friday Night - 05/16/08

Dear Miss Mary Mack,

I heard a rumor that last week on the dance floor, you were asking a certain someone if I was a good person for your best friend to hang out with. If I'd be there for her when she needed me, if I was just using her for my own juvenile plan. Well here's the deal...the person you asked is probably the last person on earth capable of answering such questions. ( That is - not including your boyfriend of course, who I would NEVER waste a grand ol' second of my life allowing him to get to know me.) I mean, are you serious? The kid knows absolutely NOTHING about me. How grow up - put your heels on and face me like a woman should. If you want to know if i'm "good for your friend", ask me. Where in the small town media have you gathered that I was out to get anyone? In all of my awesomeness...yes, I said it, where and when would i even have time for thrid party business?

Lets face it...I didn't agree at all with what happened..I believe in truth and honor just as much as you do. The girl knows that...but regardless, she's my friend and I'm gonna tell people to lay off when shes sitting there crying her eyes out..which is more than you could say. And on top of all this - are you really THAT concerned about her well being when all you did was sit and look pretty defending your beau? He'll leave you one day for someone better - and all you'll do is go looking for her to hold your hand again. And will she be there for you? Knowing her...Probably. But I guess it all just works out for you, huh? I'm sure that if her love were to ever attack you - the way your long haired, snarling faced boy toy did to her - she would have defended you in a heart beat. I don't know much about you..but she claimed you as her long lost sister and loved you to death no matter what.

So what it comes down to is this: acting like you care isn't enough, Miss Mary. Haven't you learned the rules of the game yet? Pride will always come before the fall. And don't go asking questions of people who wouldn't know the answers, because gossip isn't very lady like, now is it?

You're gonna need your heart one day, Miss Mary, and you just don't have it.


Julia F. Ramos

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George Blizzard said...

I thought this was addressed to the lady that was all dressed in black.