Monday, June 9, 2008


so... I'm off of work today. i thought that it would be a huge sigh of relief, but i'm finding myself wishing i was at the store. There's a lot to do here but i'm too lazy to make . it . happen .

thats pitiful, huh? what is happening to me.
i guess it beats hating work.

dearest patrons of last night. thank you for a blast. no, but i really did have a blast. esp you, sarahmarie.

so now for the real reason of this post. here are some pix from jesse's ode to the yuppie party...


kimjong said...

woooah.i want/need kelly's dress.

Kel said...

that picture of you and corey is to die for!!!

Arianne said...

hahaahhh, that's a cute idea, "yuppie party"