Tuesday, June 10, 2008

i'm totally gonna make this happen

i'll have a ring on my finger by...this time next year? watch it Ezra...i have a huge crush.

seriously tho. look at him. LOOK at him.

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kimjong said...

i think we know that guy. im serious. dont we?? im gonna thinkn about this one.
last night during the celtic/lakers game i said i was going to marry kobe bryant because i want a rich husband to buy me a horse to hug. turns out hes married.
during the superbowl i decided i wanted to marry eli manning for the same reasons and to make my father happy. i really believed i couldve done that one. he got married a few weeks later.
during spring break i said i was going to find zac efron and marry him to make good looking kids. i mean thats still a possibility.
im ridiculous.