Tuesday, June 17, 2008

what does girl of the moment even mean?

i got an e-mail today from a the new fashion reporter with the VA pilot who is starting a monthly fashion review. A long with the article she's including a "girl of the moment" each month - articles on stylish girls in VA. Each girl is nominated and voted on to win the title. apparently i have been nominated by a reporter that i've been interviewed by in the past...she and i still keep in contact once in a while. fun right?!? i honestly don't think i deserve the title...there are a lot of cute girls i would have gladly nominated...i think i still might. hah!

any way..Keep your eyes peeled for ads online or in the paper for more info. It seemed like a pretty new deal but if you have any friends that you think should be nominated, there may be info on who what where when how!

Jamie's my man of the moment. Could i be VA's First girl of the moment??? I'll keep you posted on voting. She still hasn't decided on how she wants voting to take place. There is a huge concern about who in VA is actually interested in this kind of stuff, so she is contemplating a reader's vote or asking local clothing retail owners to vote in order to promote local biz.

This is kinda awesome but she's also asked me to send in pix reflecting my style. i feel like if i think about it too much it won't be, me? so if you have any candids of hang outs past, let a girl know.

!!!!! so essiting !!!!!

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Elise Krepcho said...

Wow, Jul! That is crazy! I love it! You should totally be the VA girl of the moment.