Thursday, July 31, 2008


Oh, and...

Carine Roitfeld?
I just want to be her.

to make butter for my piece of bun

im good im gone - lykke li

i met with a big wig yesterday. the conversation went something like this...

corporate: "hey. wanna move to chicago to open a store? we're shooting for fall of 09."
me: "uh, are you serious?"
corporate: "yeah. you have a month to decide. good luck."
me: "wait, what?"
corporate: "here are your incentives..."
me: "wow. WOW."
corporate: "you have one month to think about it."
me: "..."


really, God?
where did this even come from?
and Chicago? I've been dying to move there.

seriously, God? are you Serious?


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

just my imagination?

I have all these really random memories from when i was a kid.
I don't really remember much of it. Just that it was fun and I had an awesome time being able to be free and run around. but every memory is more of a detail of my childhood, than anything.

like i remember the sound the blinds in my parents bedroom made when they went up. kinda like a zipper

i remember laying in my living room under the windows in the ceiling playing my daddy's electric guitar while he was outside mowing the lawn. i remember only knowing 3 chords. Em, G, and D

i remember being in the blue room with my sisters watching a league of their own on beta while folding laundry...every saturday.

i remember walking on the edge of my pool on summer afternoons and facing the wind with my eyes closed and arms open and letting the strong gusts of wind push me in

i remember standing on the back porch in my white flowery sandals and watching a bumble bee crawl in and sting my right pinky toe.

i remember the wall paper in my bedroom made me cross eyed when i looked at it. almost like those optical illusion pictures. i especially remember waking up every morning cross eyed because of it.

there are a few memories though, that in my mind i remember, but according to my sisters didn't ever really happen/exist. like the following:

- my sister's boyfriend at the time, bobby, knocking on the window at night and her sneaking off with him
- fireworks in our neighborhood one fourth of july
- someone putting a baby ruth bar in the neighborhood pool
- a cartoon that i used to watch all the time in which the opening sequence included a penguin making a rotary phone out of the ice he was standing on.
- the grandmother on dinosaurs dying
- an episode on boy meets world where cory and topenga get locked in the school and sleep together. [ i swear this happend ]
- edible magic markers [ either really humiliating or completely real ]
- but of all of these...the most prevalent is this: a cocoa puffs box that you could cut up and assemble into something else when you were finished with it

if you have proof that any of these existed, please let me know.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

this could be us!

lets record our lives and make it big, yall.
i like when things happen and then you laugh about it later.
whenever i think about things that go down now...i think about how in 10 years we'll all think about how this was a huge joke and people were just on their periods for 6 months straight. or pregnant. or going into menopause. or just going crazy.
either way. i know that we'll all be laughing about this in a few years and feel like idiots for it. BUT how much sweeter would it be if we felt like idiots and were RICH at the same time?!?

kelly and i like to drink a lot of beer. its weird because its always only one beer, but we feel like its a billion beers. i don't think that mtv would get good ratings off of girls that have HUGE stories, but scrap for change just to drink a beer. i mean. beer. who on the hills drinks beer? does this make me not a woman? or just not lc? i'm confused.

think about it. we could totally make million$ off a it.
i'm writing up a plot and sending it to josiah now.

Monday, July 28, 2008

all press is good press.

Oh man. So i got the following comment on my blog today RE: my blog titled, "The end of all of it". I decided to delete the original for the sake of those the author of the comment mentioned - UNNECESSARILY - in his comment. I would have X'd out every name in the copy of it below, but frankly...its not my fault they're on there so i'll leave a few of them like they are. The only reason i am posting this is because the author was obviously not concerned about the fact that people's names would be thrown around, only to make HIMSELF known as, "J". Hah!

The only things edited are the names mentioned. Check it out:

"Really? Lets be real here. First, whats with this whole internet lashing out on certain people thing? Are you that bored? Please, for the sake of your avid readers, stop spewing out this pathetic hokum. If you have a problem with Kimmy, so much that you have to blog about it, do yourself a favor and call her, please, talk it over like how normal humans did back before the blog became a weapon to belittle people... Which is rather stupid in my opinion. Were all glad that you're content with your family, were glad you have goals and that you're a career girl! good god you have it all! sell those phones! make that daily quota! As for ... dot, dot, dot ...,(Kimmy) don't assume anything with her. Are you seriously comparing your life to hers?! What has she done to you miss Mary Mack? From what I know, nothing. Can't you get through your brain that she doesn't want to be your friend? Don't take it too personally though, you've got plenty more to supplant, right. Stick with your REAL five year friends. People who have no association with her are apparently feeding you nonsensical bullshit, driving you "oh, man, am I angry" mad to point for you to go home and god forbid "blog it out". Who is it? really? if it's not xxxxx, who? xxxxxx? hmmm? Or are you just making this shit up because you have nothing that interesting in your life. I don't want to sound so vulgar on the internet but all this online crap that I come across and have been hearing about is rather pitiful and has finally gotten to me. So go with what you wrote... don't miss her, don't be jealous of her, don't envy her and why are you laughing at someone who thinks that people are against her when it's clearly evident that they are. Or it may be just you I don't know. It must just bother you right? Or do you just have to be the "brave one" to put in online? So please, put your guard down, there's no damn reason to defend yourself. There has never been. No ones out to get you darling. Grow up now and keep your vexations with people personal. This "issue" will stay on the internet as it is a big joke.

Case closed.

P.S. If the blog, "The end of all of it" wasn't about Kimmy please excuse all of the above and accept my most modest apologies. thanks!"

WOW. Great job! bravo! way to pull things out of left field, idiot. and do me a favor. DON'T bring my friends into this. they don't deserve to be dragged through your mud. But hey, thanks for being such an avid reader. The reference to my "miss mary mack" blog was a nice touch! And in my defense, YES my defense, i don't sell phones, "J"...i run a business. Which is very very hard to do.

My favorite part is the p.s. AND the fact that it is posted by anonymous and then ended in " - J ". really? whoever you are - what happened to calling people about things? you know? like normal human beings do? and do you really think that posting that comment is going to solve anything? i haven't mentioned ANY of the people you talked about in any of my, "blogs" that "became a weapon". What am i, an arms dealer?

2 things you should learn from this, guys:
1) do your own dirty work
2) FOR HEAVEN'S SAKES, IT'S A BLOG. you don't HAVE to read it.

Julia R

Sunday, July 27, 2008

the end of all of it.

Someone brought up the issue at hand at dilks' last night.
oh man, was i angry.
and then i come home, and read something EVEN BETTER.
So this is the last i will ever say any of this.
because this is the least of my worries right now.
and i don't have time to respond to it.
so don't ask me, "how its affected me"
and don't you write things or be an internet whore to try to get under my skin
because, this is your answer. this is my peace. this is what i think about all of it, and this is how i will ALWAYS think of it.

its kinda like this...
i have a career.
i have an amazing family.
i have goals.
i have REAL friends..who have stuck by me for more than 5 years
i have never gotten on my hands and knees begging for a boy to take me back simply because...
i have learned and understood that the only person that will never ever fail me is God.
i have learned that relying on a boy and all that comes with him, no matter how good, is only going to lead me to more heartache when things hit the fan.
i get myself where i need to go. i provide for myself. i own up to my own mistakes.

now lets take you.

... dot, dot, dot ...

case closed.

i don't miss you. i'm not jealous of you. and i never will be. i DO NOT envy your life. in the least bit. what you believe people have done against you is all in your head...and we laugh because everyone knows it but you.

this is me defending myself. and again, this is the first and last time i'll say any of these, because there's no need to repeat any of it. i will not read your responses. i will not entertain, any longer, the things you decide to say and do about me, just because you haven't grown up.

here, on this side, that is the end of all of it.

and with that,
last night's party. check it out:

more pics, after the jump

Friday, July 25, 2008

and if cupid's got a gun, he's shootin'

babies are here and home and close and near. i'm overjoyed. i finally get to see dark knight! should i bring tissues? should i bring a diaper? should i bring some simalac? tell me!! prepare my mind and heart for what is about to happen!!!!

In other news. i had 80 euro that converted to 125 bucks! OWNED.

anyway. these are my picks of the week. so brilliant. so amazingly styled. greatly photographed. i think i am re-discovering my love for styling. i think i could do it again?

Until We Bleed - Kleerup feat Lykke Li

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

sisterhood of the traveling pants?

our one night reunion. the four of us got our left ear seconds done together to mark the summer of sisterhood of the traveling pants-ness...3 years ago? well we were back together for one night. just one.

Ruth's first night back. casey's last night in town. we are busy busy women.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

fish eyes

blurry eyes
but fish eyes.
and cute eyes, too.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

fall 08

Uh, how about fall 08 trends are so what i've been about for i don't even know how long? My God Mother bought me a subscription to marie claire w/o me knowing. i got my first issue today and they have a 5 page spread on fall 08 trends. It all took me back to my styling days. the criticism. the making fun of julia because she dresses like a librarian. the shopping w/ my girlfriends and them saying, "oh god..julia look at this. this is ridiculous. this is so you. but just you."

check it:


vera wang


valentio - that top KILLS me.


gianfranco ferre


proenza shouler






vera wang


gucci - this is a definite yay on the hand bag, nay on the rest of it.

i love it i love it i love it.
its so victorian
its so william de kooning
its so klimt.
its so what i wanted fall to be!
its so, julia 6 months ago?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

oh, life.

So my bff's ry and amber are having a baby. i got a text around midnight from amber and i couldn't contain myself. i yelled in joy.

it really made me think a lot about things. about how i basically lived with them at the apartment and about when i met ryan and when i met amber and about how ryan broke her heart, then they were in two completely different parts of their lives, and then they got back together, and then she completely changed something in him, and then they got married, and now. Gosh. oh my gosh. and now they're havin babies!

It also made me have another julia moment where i completely over analyze everything and start to feel like i should be married with kids. momma was 21 when she got married. so was my sister. so was every other woman in my family. kelly and i were discussing this and couldn't decide how to feel. i said that 21 was being a young mom. jesse said that 18 is a young mom. thats only 3 years apart? thats babies havin babies. i honestly don't know if i could do it. i really think it takes a certain type of woman to be a wife and a mom that young. i don't think its a bad thing at all...for some people, their ultimate goal in life is to be a wife, make a home, and be a good mom. I mean, thats my goal too...but in about, 5 years? A more realistic goal, for me, is probably to just find a good guy that i could potentially start a life with. even then, though, i'm so ok with being where i am right now...i appreciate the fact that i haven't been as stressed as i was this time last year. and i can say that it's all because i was in a relationship that i thought was good for me but realized that it really wasn't. i love being young and having a career and dating great guys and having a few nieces and nephews to spoil. i love being able to come and go when i please. i'm taking these next few years and embracing my youth!

anyway. my congrats to amber and ryan. i love them. they're my fav.

Friday, July 18, 2008


The Postal Service - The Dream Of Evan And Chan - The Postal Service

iz took these via his photobooth. i think he was just trying to cheat. you can totally see my hearts.
casey and sarah tonight! i can't even take it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

and sometimes if the moon is bright, you can see the stairs

i feel so badly for you.
feeling better is made of energy in light
in stability of mind
in reciprocity
in gripping hands
in truth and white hair.
you've failed.
you're gonna drown in all of this.
you're gonna end up alone.

she is a pair of velvet handcuffs.
are you really happy?
run like hell.
run like hell.
oh, deborah
run like hell.

Monday, July 14, 2008

i win.

So anyone remember THIS BLOG?

Well how about this:
Casey comes on friday
Sarah comes on friday
Ruth comes on tuesday

Yes to the month of July absolutely rocking.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

spain / paris 2008

the rest can be found here: click

vids from the trip:

video video video