Monday, July 28, 2008

all press is good press.

Oh man. So i got the following comment on my blog today RE: my blog titled, "The end of all of it". I decided to delete the original for the sake of those the author of the comment mentioned - UNNECESSARILY - in his comment. I would have X'd out every name in the copy of it below, but frankly...its not my fault they're on there so i'll leave a few of them like they are. The only reason i am posting this is because the author was obviously not concerned about the fact that people's names would be thrown around, only to make HIMSELF known as, "J". Hah!

The only things edited are the names mentioned. Check it out:

"Really? Lets be real here. First, whats with this whole internet lashing out on certain people thing? Are you that bored? Please, for the sake of your avid readers, stop spewing out this pathetic hokum. If you have a problem with Kimmy, so much that you have to blog about it, do yourself a favor and call her, please, talk it over like how normal humans did back before the blog became a weapon to belittle people... Which is rather stupid in my opinion. Were all glad that you're content with your family, were glad you have goals and that you're a career girl! good god you have it all! sell those phones! make that daily quota! As for ... dot, dot, dot ...,(Kimmy) don't assume anything with her. Are you seriously comparing your life to hers?! What has she done to you miss Mary Mack? From what I know, nothing. Can't you get through your brain that she doesn't want to be your friend? Don't take it too personally though, you've got plenty more to supplant, right. Stick with your REAL five year friends. People who have no association with her are apparently feeding you nonsensical bullshit, driving you "oh, man, am I angry" mad to point for you to go home and god forbid "blog it out". Who is it? really? if it's not xxxxx, who? xxxxxx? hmmm? Or are you just making this shit up because you have nothing that interesting in your life. I don't want to sound so vulgar on the internet but all this online crap that I come across and have been hearing about is rather pitiful and has finally gotten to me. So go with what you wrote... don't miss her, don't be jealous of her, don't envy her and why are you laughing at someone who thinks that people are against her when it's clearly evident that they are. Or it may be just you I don't know. It must just bother you right? Or do you just have to be the "brave one" to put in online? So please, put your guard down, there's no damn reason to defend yourself. There has never been. No ones out to get you darling. Grow up now and keep your vexations with people personal. This "issue" will stay on the internet as it is a big joke.

Case closed.

P.S. If the blog, "The end of all of it" wasn't about Kimmy please excuse all of the above and accept my most modest apologies. thanks!"

WOW. Great job! bravo! way to pull things out of left field, idiot. and do me a favor. DON'T bring my friends into this. they don't deserve to be dragged through your mud. But hey, thanks for being such an avid reader. The reference to my "miss mary mack" blog was a nice touch! And in my defense, YES my defense, i don't sell phones, "J"...i run a business. Which is very very hard to do.

My favorite part is the p.s. AND the fact that it is posted by anonymous and then ended in " - J ". really? whoever you are - what happened to calling people about things? you know? like normal human beings do? and do you really think that posting that comment is going to solve anything? i haven't mentioned ANY of the people you talked about in any of my, "blogs" that "became a weapon". What am i, an arms dealer?

2 things you should learn from this, guys:
1) do your own dirty work
2) FOR HEAVEN'S SAKES, IT'S A BLOG. you don't HAVE to read it.

Julia R


Anonymous said...

oh dang, gina!
i love you for this. people are idiots and obviously don't know you at all.

- iz

johnAM said...

I think I'm in love


Anonymous said...

Okay okay, it was me. I did it, take me away. Better yet, write a really really mean and nasty blog about me. So mean that when anyone who reads this sees me on the street they could say, "hey there's that idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about". As for xxxxxx and xxxxxx, im sorry for mentioning your names. Good thing there's last names huh? Anyhow, you guys know the deal. Julia...I still think i'm in love :)

Please don't copy this and respond with more witty banter, my fingers hurt



julia r said...

whatever john. you know i'm like you're biggest fan.

i was kinda hoping it was jacob. and only because he TP'd my house. if i knew it was you i wouldn't have been as mean. ??????

Arianne said...

oh snap, you found out who tpd the house? nice.