Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Euro Trip Day 3

Greetings from Paris!

I'm sitting here in a tiny Paris Apartment with sore feet and a tiny head ache. We were supposed to arrive earlier today but missed our flight. We got here around 9p and completely missed half of the day - INCLUDING a kings of leon show. YES they were here in Paris with MGNT. PISSED.

I can't even begin to describe the past few days. San Fermin was 10x more than anything I could have ever expected. There are no words to describe what went on there, you'll simply have to wait for the pictures / videos. There are plenty and once you see them, you'll understand why! We met some amazing people from all over the world...most of which weren't even from Spain. Our group consisted of a couple from Idaho, a MIT student from NYC, an au pere from TX, a professor from Israel, and then a few locals. Who knew you could have such a great time and relate to people from all over the world? They had amazing stories and even better plans to come. I can only HOPE that my life is just as incredible as theirs. I haven't had the chance to update, simply because I haven't had a minute to sit! Tomorrow is a full day of seeing the city and then a plane ride to enjoy my LAST day in Europe. I am SO sad...but I can't be sad because at least i got to experience it, no? Si. :-)

I love and miss you all. Pictures soon to come.
Au Revoir..
Julia R.

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Arianne said...

you're so travelled now! :) can't wait to see the pictures!