Saturday, July 5, 2008

Europ Trip Day 2

Few things you should probably know...

1) Munich International Airport IS Ikea. Not really. BUT I feel like Ikea designed their layout based on the airport. It's beautiful and has amazing architecture.

2) I have only had...3 hours of sleep, collectively, in the past 24 hours. Lovely.

3) I made it here safe! I'm sitting in Ruth's appartment right now. Wood floors, french windows, with a mini terrace. When we stepped off of the metro we walked two blocks to her place. It's picture perfect. Small shops, a great breeze, cobble stone streets, and clothes line hanging. And to top it all off... It's right across the street from Cervantes' old stomping grounds. YES the Don Quixote one. It's great!

...We're trekkin to Pamplona tonight. Get ready for it!
love love. Julia R.

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