Sunday, July 27, 2008

the end of all of it.

Someone brought up the issue at hand at dilks' last night.
oh man, was i angry.
and then i come home, and read something EVEN BETTER.
So this is the last i will ever say any of this.
because this is the least of my worries right now.
and i don't have time to respond to it.
so don't ask me, "how its affected me"
and don't you write things or be an internet whore to try to get under my skin
because, this is your answer. this is my peace. this is what i think about all of it, and this is how i will ALWAYS think of it.

its kinda like this...
i have a career.
i have an amazing family.
i have goals.
i have REAL friends..who have stuck by me for more than 5 years
i have never gotten on my hands and knees begging for a boy to take me back simply because...
i have learned and understood that the only person that will never ever fail me is God.
i have learned that relying on a boy and all that comes with him, no matter how good, is only going to lead me to more heartache when things hit the fan.
i get myself where i need to go. i provide for myself. i own up to my own mistakes.

now lets take you.

... dot, dot, dot ...

case closed.

i don't miss you. i'm not jealous of you. and i never will be. i DO NOT envy your life. in the least bit. what you believe people have done against you is all in your head...and we laugh because everyone knows it but you.

this is me defending myself. and again, this is the first and last time i'll say any of these, because there's no need to repeat any of it. i will not read your responses. i will not entertain, any longer, the things you decide to say and do about me, just because you haven't grown up.

here, on this side, that is the end of all of it.

and with that,
last night's party. check it out:

more pics, after the jump

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