Wednesday, July 30, 2008

just my imagination?

I have all these really random memories from when i was a kid.
I don't really remember much of it. Just that it was fun and I had an awesome time being able to be free and run around. but every memory is more of a detail of my childhood, than anything.

like i remember the sound the blinds in my parents bedroom made when they went up. kinda like a zipper

i remember laying in my living room under the windows in the ceiling playing my daddy's electric guitar while he was outside mowing the lawn. i remember only knowing 3 chords. Em, G, and D

i remember being in the blue room with my sisters watching a league of their own on beta while folding laundry...every saturday.

i remember walking on the edge of my pool on summer afternoons and facing the wind with my eyes closed and arms open and letting the strong gusts of wind push me in

i remember standing on the back porch in my white flowery sandals and watching a bumble bee crawl in and sting my right pinky toe.

i remember the wall paper in my bedroom made me cross eyed when i looked at it. almost like those optical illusion pictures. i especially remember waking up every morning cross eyed because of it.

there are a few memories though, that in my mind i remember, but according to my sisters didn't ever really happen/exist. like the following:

- my sister's boyfriend at the time, bobby, knocking on the window at night and her sneaking off with him
- fireworks in our neighborhood one fourth of july
- someone putting a baby ruth bar in the neighborhood pool
- a cartoon that i used to watch all the time in which the opening sequence included a penguin making a rotary phone out of the ice he was standing on.
- the grandmother on dinosaurs dying
- an episode on boy meets world where cory and topenga get locked in the school and sleep together. [ i swear this happend ]
- edible magic markers [ either really humiliating or completely real ]
- but of all of these...the most prevalent is this: a cocoa puffs box that you could cut up and assemble into something else when you were finished with it

if you have proof that any of these existed, please let me know.


sarah said...

the coco puffs box had a mask you could cut out of the back only for halloween. and the little penguin wore a red snow cap. his name was chilly willy. i tried to find the video for you but i'm running out the door for work now.

Arianne said...

yeah, Chilly Willy. definitely real. i mean cartoon.