Saturday, July 19, 2008

oh, life.

So my bff's ry and amber are having a baby. i got a text around midnight from amber and i couldn't contain myself. i yelled in joy.

it really made me think a lot about things. about how i basically lived with them at the apartment and about when i met ryan and when i met amber and about how ryan broke her heart, then they were in two completely different parts of their lives, and then they got back together, and then she completely changed something in him, and then they got married, and now. Gosh. oh my gosh. and now they're havin babies!

It also made me have another julia moment where i completely over analyze everything and start to feel like i should be married with kids. momma was 21 when she got married. so was my sister. so was every other woman in my family. kelly and i were discussing this and couldn't decide how to feel. i said that 21 was being a young mom. jesse said that 18 is a young mom. thats only 3 years apart? thats babies havin babies. i honestly don't know if i could do it. i really think it takes a certain type of woman to be a wife and a mom that young. i don't think its a bad thing at all...for some people, their ultimate goal in life is to be a wife, make a home, and be a good mom. I mean, thats my goal too...but in about, 5 years? A more realistic goal, for me, is probably to just find a good guy that i could potentially start a life with. even then, though, i'm so ok with being where i am right now...i appreciate the fact that i haven't been as stressed as i was this time last year. and i can say that it's all because i was in a relationship that i thought was good for me but realized that it really wasn't. i love being young and having a career and dating great guys and having a few nieces and nephews to spoil. i love being able to come and go when i please. i'm taking these next few years and embracing my youth!

anyway. my congrats to amber and ryan. i love them. they're my fav.

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