Tuesday, July 29, 2008

this could be us!

lets record our lives and make it big, yall.
i like when things happen and then you laugh about it later.
whenever i think about things that go down now...i think about how in 10 years we'll all think about how this was a huge joke and people were just on their periods for 6 months straight. or pregnant. or going into menopause. or just going crazy.
either way. i know that we'll all be laughing about this in a few years and feel like idiots for it. BUT how much sweeter would it be if we felt like idiots and were RICH at the same time?!?

kelly and i like to drink a lot of beer. its weird because its always only one beer, but we feel like its a billion beers. i don't think that mtv would get good ratings off of girls that have HUGE stories, but scrap for change just to drink a beer. i mean. beer. who on the hills drinks beer? does this make me not a woman? or just not lc? i'm confused.

think about it. we could totally make million$ off a it.
i'm writing up a plot and sending it to josiah now.

1 comment:

sarah said...

can i be lo. the one who lives far away and makes cameos for a few episodes before i decide to come back home?