Thursday, July 31, 2008

to make butter for my piece of bun

im good im gone - lykke li

i met with a big wig yesterday. the conversation went something like this...

corporate: "hey. wanna move to chicago to open a store? we're shooting for fall of 09."
me: "uh, are you serious?"
corporate: "yeah. you have a month to decide. good luck."
me: "wait, what?"
corporate: "here are your incentives..."
me: "wow. WOW."
corporate: "you have one month to think about it."
me: "..."


really, God?
where did this even come from?
and Chicago? I've been dying to move there.

seriously, God? are you Serious?


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isaac said...

your blog is best blog.
weren't you the first to have one?