Saturday, August 2, 2008

alright guys. i get it.

so i always hear that i could be an asian olsen. i don't mind it. actually, i kinda mind it. because it could either be a good thing or bad thing. but i'm ok with it so, thank you very much.
all that matters is they opened a new salon next door called aoc salon. check it out here: i get half off everything so i'm pretty stoked. i've been thinking about transformation, lately. as a whole. like, my whole being, transformation. i'm getting my hair cut tomorrow which will hopefully make THAT transformation complete. you know? the transformation into the triplet complete?

seriously? thats weird.

this has been one of the best weeks ever. what would have made it better would have been to be able to go to coldplay with caitlin and jesse tomorrow. i'm lame for missing all of these shows. i'll be triple lame if i miss wilco. so if you love wilco as i do..or, if you love bon iver as i do, come with me. if you want details - let me know.


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