Monday, August 18, 2008

because you know this really happens..

Taken from HRO : Hipster Runoff


BangBusRider69 says:

Hi Carles,
On Friday I took a BoltBus from NYC to Boston, and I wound up sitting next to this girl with long brown hair and excellent bangs. Here are some things I observed about her during the 5 hours bus ride:
1. She was watching Planet Earth on her MacBook
2. At one point in the trip, she listened to an MGMT song on her iPod
3. She had a phone conversation with her friend about whether or not they should purchase Girl Talk tickets
4. She was carrying (though not reading) the new David Sedaris
I couldn't tell if she was legitimately cool or just a poseur. What do you think? Did I throw away an opportunity for a new best friend by not talking to her? Am I going to run into her at Don Hill's and will we have some awkward conversation about how we once sat next to each other on a bus?
You're the best.

Carles sayz:
She sounds like a pretty intense alt. The bottomline on girls like this is whether or not they are [HIGHLY TUGGABLE]. If they are attractive, it's good to have them as your friend. If they are 'kind of pretty' or 'ugly', they might be a decent friend for a while, but will ultimately be useless to you. (You will unfriend her one day). Any female can buy the Toolbox for becoming an 'Interesting Alt (Girl Edition)' or even 'an Alt Who Attracts Moderately Alternative Boys.' This isn't enough to mean she is good enough to be your best friend.

An interesting thing about alt-women is how insecure they are. Even if they are a kute girl, they always assume that the other girl in kute clothes . Ultimately, women are lonely, and want to identify with one another. This means they will force a connection and have a whimsical friendship that leads to hyping up the upcoming weekend via wall-to-wall posts. This will eventually end, and they will talk about how they never liked one another, and the other one only cared about fickle stuff like clothes, and music, and everything that they used to think made their friendship meaningful. Women r tough sometimes... wish they weren't so insecure and just wore their American Appy with pride."

Before you get offended, realize that HRO is semi-sarcastic. But if you think about it...its ironically, basically, true. I think that if they sold the "Interesting Alt (Girl Edition) Toolbox" it would fly off of the shelves.
[as long as it's mac compatible, of course.]


This is tacky. Stay home or don't wear heels OR a dress! its not that important.

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sarah said...

i dont know what's worse- the crutches or the couch.