Tuesday, August 26, 2008

growing pains are underestimated

so sorry for the lack of posts. i've been so busy lately. and oddly enough, the more busy i am, the more things seem to have changed.

i knew in my heart that if i stayed true to who i was...things would work out. and they are..for the better. i like that things can go just the way you want them to without having to change yourself or without acting in a ridiculous way. that things can go your way and work out for truth, just by sticking to your principals and not lowering your standards - so long as, your standards and principals are those of a clear aim for what reality is...and past petty drama. i think that if you're truly doing whats right and whats best for you...this is the only outcome. my faithful readers, always remember, that no matter what - grace and truth are the things that will get you where you need to go...you'll experience a lot of pain, you'll experience humiliation, and but in the end, you cut out the fake. It goes without saying that if you are straight up about everything you do...it may seem like you're causing problems, but in the end, people will only realize that you were just trying to be honest and get an honest response in return.

a woman that i greatly admire used to say that every young lady should have three goals in life, to be a good wife, to be a good mother, and to never stop growing in wisdom. you can't get growth without pain...otherwise, you're just not working hard enough for it.


rachel said...

thanks darling!
and i totally agree with your post.
i used to try to be other things just to satisfy other, but lately i've just been like whatev if they don't like me for myself, then who needs them.

rachel said...

i can say though, i've been good with truthfullness always,
partially because i'm a horrible liar,
but also because i want the truth back.

gahhh, lemme stop commenting so much lol!

Sarah said...

Yes thank yooou! I was excited.