Tuesday, September 2, 2008

i'm tired of people who only want to be pleased / but I still want to please you

what an awesome labor day.
started out with family breakfast, including homemade waffles and an assortment of fruits (among other things). i'm realizing more and more how much i eat. its really ridiculous.

after we went shopping and tried our best to take advantage of the labor day sales. there is something therapudic about shopping, isn't there? i guess it had been a while since i actually had time to treat myself to new things and i still can't believe how much money i speant. for some reason the sale items had no appeal to me. i need to snap out of that. anyway, it felt wonderful. but thinking again about what i speant, its not so wonderful?

i'm off thursday. lets visit the beach one last time.

Oh! Also in big news...I'm gonna have a nephew! So, basically, my life officially rocks and i get to buy little Indiana things like this:

all i need is an "i love my auntie" tee. HOT.

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