Monday, September 1, 2008

labor day

first i have to express how happy i am about the fact that i'm adding a new blog of friends of mine to my link list every day. i've been blogging for a while and its good to see that people are starting to too!

of the links found beside, the following are the ones i frequent. ( if you're not on this list...don't get offended, because the reality is that i frequent, most, but these, i get most esteemed value from ).

10. fall back wardrobe- this is a new blog, titled, "ariel" in my link list. Ariel is a friend of mine who recently re-located to NYC to finish grad school at FIT. she's living my dream!

9. post secret most of you already know what this is...i check it a lot to see if my secrets have made it.

8. Art is science - my bff casey's photoblog. she's an amazing photographer. i wish she updated it more often, but when she does, its amazing. the title is a joke btw.

7. luis estrada - gay best friend/twin. too funny to explain. just read it!

6. damn the torpedos - another blog from a good friend. i just added this blog today. stories from a 26 year old scene kid who became a 2nd grade teacher. and his name is mr. blizzard.

5. get.ridiculous - get loose crew party photographer. useful for calling hos out.

4. hipster runoff - take yourself less seriously.

3. perez - guilty pleasure. i mean, how else would i have heard about the jonas bros going on tour?

2. the satorialist - my goal is to be his female counterpart. a news journalist turned fashion photographer for GQ mag! it doesn't get any better than that.

1. go fug yourself - a fashion blog commenting on the good and the bad of celebrity fashion. writers for ny mag. heroes to me.

take time and read through those. you'll be glad you did!
off to the labor day sales. don't wait up.... ;-)

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