Friday, October 24, 2008

avoiding the obvious

i bought a bunch of canvas today. kinda excited about it.
i haven't painted since i lived in my apartment...well over a year now.
i just don't have time. but i think i need to make it.

upcoming events:

Tonight: Fox Trot Rio @ chico's at the beach. make it happen.
oct 31 : paxton's halloween house party
nov 1: sister's baby shower / VA symphony @ chrystler hall.
nov 3-8: casy will be here
nov 7: worst night of my life.
nov 11: Tokyo @ the triple RVA
nov 12: ben kweller / connor oberst @ the national with sarahmarie
nov 27: mr. blizzard comes to take over thanksgiving!

perfect month. PERFECT MONTH. i guess i really have nothing to be sad about.....


sarahmarie said...

the triples like 3 blocks away from my house.

My Greatest Intervention said...

numero uno!