Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a much needed day off

Today was a good one. woke up early and energized and asked my 2 year old niece if she wanted to join me for a little shopping. we got ready and had a fun day at the mall...and by fun i mean expensive.

i came home and read from "influence" - the book it old you i was planning on purchasing, authored by mary-kate and ashley olsen. hate them or not, you've gotta admit that for two young ladies that have been in the public eye since they were literally babies, they are two very smart business women! taking into consideration their becoming multi-millionares before their 16th birthday with their production company dualstar, buying out their partners at 18, and then brilliantly using the media's fascination with them to their advantage, without even having to go panty-less or any of that BS stars their age do. its genius. they have recently designed two lines that are flying off shelves - first their couture line called, "the row" and second, their ready to wear line, "elizabeth and james". i understand that it's almost a cliche to be intrigued by the duo, but my reason behind it is solely based on their great business sense. their book, "influence" was a great move on their part. it really highlighted the girls' desire to be women of wisdom and direction rather than the belles of the ball. their business savvy is incredible and is kind of what i think their point in writing the book was. to show people that there is more to them than just young hollywood - in fact, i think they are showing how far from that they are. Ashely even talks about more often than not, even when she has a huge staff working for her, doing the dirty work for their multi-million dollar company herself because she's so particular about things, and even admitting to working more than 12 hours in the office each day! all of those things put together should definitely be admired.

in the book they talk a lot about how our generation doesn't really understand the concept of having work ethic. that our generation is all about instant gratification - and i have thought about this a lot. i guarantee that 90% of our generation can't answer the question "what do you want to be when you grow up" without them saying that they already are and that what they want is fame and fortune and that they'll get it any way they know how AS LONG AS they get it NOW! and at that, there is nothing left to be appreciated because the room has no ceiling... there's always more to want. and there's always a way to get where you want to go without having to work for it. what a curse!

yes, mary-kate and ashley olsen definitely got a HUGE head start...but i think that their point, my point, is that our generation has lost its roots. it has lost its hunger for what rewards really are. that they are only real with hard work because the harder you work, the more you appreciate the fruit of your labor. i've come to realize in the past few months that no matter how much easier my life is now than it was 50 years ago, no matter how much less i'll have to figure out on my own because i hav the push of a button to give me all the answers, NOTHING will ever replace the wisdom and growth you get from the knowledge you gain from getting your own hands dirty.

if you want to borrow the book, i would love to share it with you. there is some great art and a few great interviews the girls conducted with some legends in the art and fashion industries.

work hard. i love you.


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i think i want to borrow the book.