Thursday, October 16, 2008

p.s. addressing project runway

upset about project runway.
wasn't impressed w/ leanne's . i really thought that it was awful.
and seriously. SERIOUSLY. kenley. what is your deal? home girl needs to get a hold of katy perry and just make that boat float, cuz lord KNOOOWS they're a match made in fug heaven. i mean....

korto should have won. i meannn...maybe i'm the ONLY one that thinks wedding dresses lined in snake skin is interesting? mabe i'm the only one that likes complicated but amazingly clean and great looking half halter / half one strap green dresses that could be work on anyone?

hopefully we'll see better talent next season. we need more season 2 designers!!


Arianne said...

i just got done watching my dvr'd project runway finale. i'm not sure why, but my hands were sweating and so were my feet the - the whole show.

anyway, i agree. i think for most of the last four shows, I was rooting for korto as well. i LOVE her collection, and even the dress she designed for the Von Furstenburg / American Express challenge.

i think though, that in the end Leanne's collection really showed well, and forward (fashion) of the three, in it's construction and further the material! It was between she and Korto for me. I knew Nina Garcia was going to go with Leanne.

interested in designing baby fashion?

julia r said...


baby fashion. i wish girl. just gimme 10k and i'll make the world turn!

i dunno ach. i mean, if you think about what their prizes were. 100k, a car, and selling their line on blue fly dot com. who is gonna wear that?!? no one!

i think korto's was most relatable. leanne's was ok, but not something i'd wear...ANYWHERE, except maybe a costume party. i mean, gorgeous, but where in the world would i really wear that. i don't think i'd wear any of it ANYWHERE besides the met gala, IF that