Monday, October 13, 2008

shake that money makerr

man. what a great week.
just left a meeting w/ my boss about owning 10% of the next store we open; probably mid november. great, right? absolutely.

the only thing is that this means i would have to invest 10% initially. and that 10% is a lot. a lot - a lot, a lot. and i really don't have an extra one of those, or 10 rather, hanging around...

so i need your advice. if you or someone you know is a business owner, how can i get a hold of this kind of money in a smart way?

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johnAM said...

Are you asking how you should get a hold of that money to invest? If so, I'm sure there's something Verizon allows it's investors to set up, especially with it's employees. Like they'll take a certain percentage out of your paycheck. I think you should invest in Verizon. Their stocks steadily went down throughout September but seems to be going up a bit this month. Must be the new wave of interactive features for Fios TV that Verizon released hah.