Friday, November 7, 2008

reason #746 weddings are overwhelming to me

the whole "bridesmaid" thing. i mean, the dresses, the "creative" bride and her bridesmaids and/or bridesmaids and the groom wedding pictures, the "cute" bridesmaids themes some brides come up with? its all really ridiculous to me:

like, what IS this?

can't even handle it.


kimjong said...

just wait till i make you my brides maid. ive got it in for you, little lady! har haaar haarr!

julia r said...

i meeeeaaannnn. why wouldn't even care because i know you wouldn't be without taste. i just can't believe what people be doin

gabrinita said...

besides the fact that i agree with you.... uhm the dresses need to go somewhere..

Arianne said...

HAHAHA, AWESOME. Thank the Lord my photographer was uhm... Casey Freakin Brooks.