Tuesday, December 30, 2008

someone's always paying for that banter, baby

waking up today was hard. my head was heavy and it hurt to turn my head because my neck and back are so sore. although i'm very excited about this party...this has been the most stressful 2 weeks of my life. i hope that its all worth it. i'm not regretting doing it, but when you plan something like this...you really realize how much time you just don't have. you realize your limitations. physically and financially. and just like a lot of other things, who your real friends are. like i love the people who i haven't talked to in years that randomly ask me what i'm doing for new years eve....when they haven't asked any other year before this one. or like the people that ask me if they can bring people i don't associate myself with? and then there are the people that i make it a priority to invite but don't want to come because they don't talk to certain people that are going to be there and "it would just be, awkward". Come. ON.

BUT ... when i think about how stressed i am about it all, i just think about the fact that i'll have all of my favorite people in one room with me. having fun and dancing and celebrating the new year together! ( most of my favorite people, any way...)

is my hair falling out yet?
does anyone know a good masseuse?

momma and daddy flew out for the philippines yesterday. i really wish they were here to be at the party. they are always reassuring and full of great ideas. momma always threw the greatest and funnest parties growing up, and still now. she was always so organized and entertaining and hospitable. i hope i'm the same tomorrow night...

speaking of mom. i was looking at some old pics of her today.
i thought about how strong a woman must be to marry at 21, have her husband join the u.s. military - leave her for 6 months for the u.s., and then leave her huge family to live thousands of miles away, in a country who's language she didn't peak OR understand, and adapt to their way of life. and then raise 4 kids while my dad was away at work. how daunting? how stressful? how overwhelming?? but she did it. she always rose to the occasion. she always made things work. she always kept her head on straight...

in times like these, when i'm stressed and worried, i think about these things, and think about how my daddy always says i'm just like my mother, and while i used to hate it, i basically love it now. my mother is gracious and kind and beautiful and strong. and thats the kind of woman i want to be.

so to all of you that have felt the wrath of my stress over this party...i'm sorry. i'm realizing that i just need to enjoy it all. enjoy it all. enjoy it all...

off to get things done. loveyouall.

Monday, December 29, 2008






Pre-game at your house, in the bars at town center, or walking up to the venue for all I care but DO NOT bring it inside.
I can be held liable by the Sandler Center if any outside alcohol is found!

There will be party security in front of the elevators found past the box office.
He will ID you at the door, check you in on the list, and let you know which floor we are on.

- Don't forget! -


I am sooo excited about wednesday guys. I can't even tell you how much!

I love you all. Look Sharp! I'll see you on wednesday nighttttt....
julia r.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


from my 2nd favorite movie.
3 days.
THREE days.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!
Happy Birthday Jesus!

This year was...

diamond errins
vera wang house booties
white gold chain
new york fashion by sonnet stanfil ( to add to my coffee table book collection)
a snugly green moss blanket that looks like marijuana
pink scarf
ray ban classic wayfarer in tortoise
more jewelry from Rob

what'd you get, y'all?!?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

one pure thought

oh boyy. christmas eve is tomorrow.
i feel like the older i get the less it feels like christmas. as in, i'm not freaking out about what to wear for christmas eve. theres no impatience. there is no anticipation. there is no hurry up and get here. why is it that the older we get the more we feel this way?

casey's in town. ruth her and i made ginger bread houses and dinner and chocolate chip cookies. and and and...it was awesome.

ruth got real into it. hah!

i'm realizing that i've recently tried to recreate the awesome relationship i have with my two best friends with other people and it just doesn't work. no one else would make gingerbread houses with me. and it was so fun. that's why i love them so much. because we don't need to be drinking or with boys just to have fun.

christmas eve is tomorrow. noche buena. my grandparents cousin and godmother come in on christmas. mom and dad leave the country on the 29th ... same day blizzard comes! then....the BIG DAY!

off to do more shopping

Sunday, December 21, 2008

rest in heavenly peace

he says
come back, curl up
in me again.

remember? do you?
how comfortable you were?
how warm?
( "how temporary", i think )

ball it up and swallow it.
all of me.

he says.


imagine your face
your walk.
to figure out
what i was trying to define?
("people really are their own worst enemies", i think)
misplaced energy.

i've gotta go
he says
but only far enough
that you'll
hate me
miss me
forgive me
- for it.

only far enough for you
to get a whiff
and then taste me again.

today i watched a documentary about
your kind. your kind.
any where you lay your head
stolen wings
under bridges
that shake
and shake
until you get your next. fix.
making babies.
to adapt to a life of...

i look in the mirror and feel

only disgust in myself.
and then
the only thought i think
is out loud
and it just wants to sing,
this thought.
about empty tin cans
full of piss and sinking quarters
about neglect
and dirty jackets
and pipes made out of rotting apples
and the stench
your insanity.

("ball it up and choke on it"), i think.
("all of me.")

Saturday, December 20, 2008

oh and p.s.

have you met my daughter yet?

Once upon a time... from Capucha on Vimeo.

home is where the heart is

the last dance of 2k8. we were totally there for it......

Thursday, December 18, 2008


merry christmas, y'allll

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

plaid. played. yadda yadda

this weekend was great. my sister's inlaws were visiting from SoFLA to see baby indie and we did a lot of eating. kayt and i did a little shopping yesterday. i think she and i are too similar. the annual survey. yar it is..

2008: In The Beginning
Where did you bring in the New Year?: richmond va. best/worst night of my life
Who were you with?: sarahmarie, ruth, casey, thomas, and those boys from prabir & the subs
Did you kiss anyone at midnight?: yeah. who cares
Did you make any resolutions?: every year i make the same one: make this the best year ever. and this definitely has been so far!

2008: Your Love Life
Did you break up with anyone?: 3 people. yikes.
Did you get anything for Valentine's day?: if i did, it wasn't significant enough to remember
Did you meet anyone special?: my nephew. what a great meeeet
Did you fall in love?: with my nephew. definitely.

2008: Friends and Enemies
Did you meet any new friends this year?: yes and a few great ones too!
Did any of your friendships end?: just one. and for the better.
Did you dislike anyone?: i really dislike katy perry
Did you make any new enemies?: probably.
Did you resolve any fights?: made some and resolved some. dramm yall.
Who was your closest friend?: kelly, ruth, sistah sistahs. isaac.
Who did you grow apart from?: not appropriate for the sake of those reading this
Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships?: i gave too many people the benefit of the doubt. don't do it y'all!

2008: Your BIRTHDAY!!!
Did you have a cake? no cake this year.
What did you do for your birthday?: i went to spain and then to paris
Did you have a party?: yes. san fermin! beat thattt.
Did you get any presents?: i got a great holiday. a great great holiday.
If so what was the best thing you got?: you can't beat going to europe with your best friend on your 21st birthday.

22008: All about YOU
Did you change at all this year?: i've changed a lot. a lot, a lot. i'm much more realistic. i've got goals. i've weeded out the bad and planted the good seed, y'all.
Did you dye your hair? gross
Did you get your hair cut?: hair modeling is all that matters
Did you change your style?: its always diff
Were you in school?: nah
Did you get good grades?: n/a
Did you have a job?: careeeeeerrr
Did you drive?: too much
Did you own a car?: yeahh
Did anyone close to you give birth?: my sister!
Did you move at all?: nah
Did you go on any vacations?: euro 08. "bale" - y'all don't even know about that...
Did you leave the country at all?: euro 08.
Would you change anything about yourself now?: i would have wanted to be finishing up school too.

2008: Wrap Up.
Is 2008 a good year?: as crazy as it was and as much as i cried...i'm greatful it all happend so i could so how much of an idiot i was in 2007! 2008 was a great year. a lot of success. a lot of fun. a lot of love. God really took care of me this year.
Did 2008 bring any new insights?: hah. i don't even think i could put everything i've learned in a few words. just flip through the blog...
Do you think 2009 will top 2008?: i'm optimistic. i'm ready for new things
If you could relive any moment which would you choose?: paris. except this time, i would have missed my flight. and i would have stayed an extra week.....

lets go to italy this year. who's in?

Monday, December 15, 2008

thank you jp

so ... apparently this is me in the virtual world:

so wrong but so right.


ha! thank you for that kim jong

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008