Tuesday, December 23, 2008

one pure thought

oh boyy. christmas eve is tomorrow.
i feel like the older i get the less it feels like christmas. as in, i'm not freaking out about what to wear for christmas eve. theres no impatience. there is no anticipation. there is no hurry up and get here. why is it that the older we get the more we feel this way?

casey's in town. ruth her and i made ginger bread houses and dinner and chocolate chip cookies. and and and...it was awesome.

ruth got real into it. hah!

i'm realizing that i've recently tried to recreate the awesome relationship i have with my two best friends with other people and it just doesn't work. no one else would make gingerbread houses with me. and it was so fun. that's why i love them so much. because we don't need to be drinking or with boys just to have fun.

christmas eve is tomorrow. noche buena. my grandparents cousin and godmother come in on christmas. mom and dad leave the country on the 29th ... same day blizzard comes! then....the BIG DAY!

off to do more shopping

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