Friday, December 5, 2008

sick babies day 2

i'm watching paula dean deep fry asparagus and make red velvet cake pudding. holy holy hannah.

sorry for the lack of posts. i've been sick for foreverz yall. i can't even begin to explain my symptoms. there's the a) sore throat b) chest / nose / heart / mind / soul meets body / spirit congestion c) an inability to breathe d) nausea e) being hot. all the time. no matter how cold. i'm sweating. f) sneeze party 2 thousand a billion - all day all night all year long. g) hallucinations.

seriously. hallucinations. weird dreams.
mom says its because i'm too stressed out about this party. and about work. she's probably right...but it seems like whenever i get sick, like this kind of sick, not the home from work, feel like crap sick, but all of the symptoms above kind of sick, it hits me like a freight train. so being this sick + the stress is a lethal combination. And yes, i've been stressed about this party...but things are coming together. the entertainment is booked, the caterer's booked, the venue is booked, and invitations are in the mail. i am so so excited and i've gotten so many phone calls and emails from people so excited too and planning what they should wear and who they want to bring and who they want to kiss at midnight. its all been a great motivation to keep going and thank GOD i have tyler! he's been such a big alls i need really is to find a dress. if you have any suggestions, let me know.

i'm going to bed. to heal. love y'all.

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Arianne said...

could be mono. if so, you need to protect your spleen. love, Ach <3