Sunday, February 1, 2009


luv u. always & forev ezra.

where did January even go? although, i must say, my party feels like forever ago. i guess i just can't believe that we're already in month #2 of 2009. my nephew is getting bigger by the day and i'm losing more and more time to catch up with everything....

had a great weekend. friday night ruth and i went to a tapas lounge in vb called avanti. (please don't judge me. kind of wasn't our choice.) besides the scantily clad women all over the place, it was actually a beautiful venue. adam and his friends treated us to a good time...complete with roses from "mama avanti" who walked around with a basket of flowers and got drinks served in glowing space cups. kinda felt like i was in the 3rd dimension. kinda hated that it was tool city. nonetheless it was fun. and i danced with a guy who looked like prince william all night. can't beat that.

left work early yesterday, went home and napped until ruth and i were ready to hang. footers for a few drinks and best friend time. that is what i love about ruth. we could sit there for hours and never run out of things to talk about. i am really really going to miss her. 2 more years of her missing. i'm so very proud of her but wish we could just be with each other all the time.

a lot of my friends are moving away. there really is no way to express how i feel about being in vb alone again. there's something about your close friends making what you call home, home. what's a girl to do but make a home somewhere else?

ah. maybe that isn't the solution. all i know is that i hate feeling the way that i have been lately and i need a change of scenery.

richmond monday & tuesday. if you're there, hit it up.

in other news:

i'm totally down, kid.

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George Justin Blizzard said...

Well, I'll be moving in June and then GREECE!