Thursday, February 5, 2009

gr8 in 08 / fine in 09

Don't even try to take that saying. MAN i'm clever/awesome.


Goals for 09:

- buy my own place
- new car
- find more time to read
- get Paper Heart Vintage off the ground by 1) finding more time for it 2) getting a business liscence
- write more music/band it up/become more proficient at guitar & pianer
- juliaramos_photography in 09. lyke, forreals forreals.
- get into styling again.

wtf has happend to me? i used to be way more clever/awesome? crazy how much money sucks out of you. somepeople are willing to put their real dreams aside just to make a life and then there are others that are willing to live off scraps just so that they can live their dreams - here and now. i kind of want to be the perfect mix of the two and i'd like to think i'm going about it the best way possible. this past year has been making good with the man and i feel like 09 needs to be me getting the man to make good with me if you know what i'm sayin.

i'm excited about my life. on my way to work today i thought about how my girls and i are all kind of at that point in our lives where real things have begun. sarah, casey, ruth, and i are all kind of making things happen right now. i'm glad that i've been spending a lot of time with women who have goals and are actively pursuing them. i sincerely believe that if you surround yourself with people aiming for the greatness you are, it is so much easier and such a motivation to get where you want to be. we are all slightly neurotic, but there's something to be said about people that work hard to make their lives worth something.

man oh man, is it cold.....

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sarahmarie said...

when i thought my life was over after my first real heart break my aunt told me that she knew she would marry her husband and be happy because he was the first guy who worked harder than her at school. and that just made her want to work harder and better herself. he made her want to be a better person. have since made great efforts to make sure my closest friends are intelligent hard working people with ethics, a good head on their shoulders.

i like seeing if i can keep up with the joneses while making my dreams happen. and i like having friends i can talk to about how hard it is to balance the two.

i love you. now send me them pics already!