Wednesday, February 25, 2009

on the revolution of your life

first things first, the bang is back...

i bring the bang back once a year and then get tired of it. i think i may already be tired of it. either way, in staying true to the revolution of my life, its good to have at least one constant. those being, my family, a very select group of friends, and the bang.

I have never been a believer in allowing my life to just play out the way its supposed to. lately, however, i've been learning very valuable lessons from it. mostly i've learned that when you learn to deal with your reality in black and whites and not by formulas or games or strategery, you allow for God to solve things through His plan. and if you don't believe in God, i'm sure you can agree that it isn't you controlling your life, because if you were, you'd already be a millionaire. my point is that no matter who we are, what walk of life, or question, or answer we have in our minds, it all boils down tot he fact that we aren't in control. Once we come to that realization, it's ok to live again. and it feels better. i think that a lot of my generation's problem is that we don't want to come to terms with our individual realities. i think we're scared to recognize that each of our realities are different and that coming to terms with our own is daunting because it makes us feel alone. i read in a book once that reality is like a fine wine that will never be appealing to children. ouch, right? but, its so true. we live in a society that believes so much in using money or sex or technology to instantly make all of our dreams and fantasies come true. why do you think so many people end up in rehabilitation or in debt? It's just like being a kid in a candy store...but when reality is in the mix, all we want to do is spit it out.

this blog is not about giving up a proactive lifestyle, by any means. i'm saying that the first step to getting the wheels really spinning again, towards a positive lifestyle, is to become aware of your reality and to throw away all of the play books because they will either leave you burdened with sore hands and feet, or 50 with a huge house but no one to live in it with you. a revolution, politically, or otherwise is never expected. this being on, the revolution of your life AND the revolution of your life.

i'm leaving you with this. because, you have to wait! cuz its gonna be...all right!

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