Tuesday, March 31, 2009

on oh me oh my

tomorrow i go back to work. new store. new boss. new rules. new new new. went to bean there with the boy and spent hours catching up on emails etc. i hope and pray things go smoothly. i'm excited about this opportunity but its incredibly overwhelming. and as overwhelming as it is, i'm greatful i have a job. its not my dream job but it's been and is going to continue to be a great learning experience. a stressful learning experience, but incredibly useful when i open my dream store. times are hard right now and to have a job at all is something to celebrate. from my house its a 45 minute drive ...which sucks but i have seriously been considering finding a place of my own in ghent. if i move out there, my 45 min drive will become a 20 minute drive. completely worth it to me. I've gotten a few leads on studios & one bedrooms right in my price range and even, briefly, spoke with kimmy about moving in together. That would be ideal! kimmmmy....get at me on that baby girl. i mean, we could share clothes and hair products and stars and instruments and amazigness!!! in love with that idea. hopefully it'll happen.

Boyfriend leaves for tour in 17 days. I can't even think about it.
He's perfect. Seriously. Perfect. In talking to jesse about things i've realized the only things that bother me are two things: 1) having a boyfriend that has a great sense of style is incredibly difficult. i spend twice as long picking out something to wear before i see him. sounds retarded but its true. & 2) i've started to realize while walking around with him, people have stopped looking at me, but look at HIM. c'mon? what is happening???

17 days. ugh.
John AM spins at the wave tomorrow night. Come & support! I'll see you there...

Sunday, March 29, 2009


on the musix

Been listening to a lot of really great music lately. mostly older stuff that i feel like everyone has listened to but that i am just now discovering. there's so much great stuff out there that once you discover it you feel really great about life and you are inspired to keep movin. keep movin keep movin. there are a lot of bands that i've discovered in the past few years but there's something so great about discovering something original and untouched.

here are two tracks from two artists i've discovered recently that i tink you should give a listen:

1) "A Minha Menina" - Os Mutantes - Brazilian Psychedelic Rock

A Minha Menina (My Girl) - Os Mutantes

2) "Sunshine Superman" - Donovan - Folk Psychedelic Rock

Sunshine Superman - Donovan

Sooooo gooood. If you have any other suggestions please let me know. No Dylan or Cash please.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

last few days

sam's bday in a log cabin?

meeting carter!

richmond w ty

& yes its true. so don't ask me.
I'm happy. so happy.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

vlog day 2

"julia talking about lyfe with kimmy"

on the way things just work

on the future of blogging.

so i had this awesome idea to start posting more videos of my life since i take so many. on my journey home today i totally watched all of them and there were some great ones. each day would have been titled, "julia on/in/doing/etc _____" . for example. there was a video of me sledding down massanutten and all you hear is me screaming at the top of my lungs, while all you see is inner tube, inner thigh, and snow. that one would have been titled, "julia sledding massanutten".

BUT, like an idiot, i accidentally deleted ALL of my videos. ( i swear i love having a mac, but there are some things i cannot stand... ) So...I guess God had me watch every single one just because he knew i'd never see them again...

So today we will start over with the videos i took from my weekend and then some and its going to be awesome.

xxx vlog day 1 xxx

"Julia at IHOP Post the Guys' First Ever Show"

Sunday, March 22, 2009

on philly

philly's been fun. i wish more people were here to enjoy it with me. dave's been a great host and we've been staying pretty busy. friday we went to a local bar to have a few drinks & then to dutty chutney. yesterday was sight seeing and bloc party. a cute little couple gave us their extra vip passes which was lovely. i think it has something to do with, "the bubble" factor, as discussed on 30 rock thursday. watch it...you'll understand. todays been slow. neither of us are feeling very well. we were supposed to go out to brooklyn tonight but who knows if that's going to happen.

apparently philly's known for their murals? here are a few.
more pictures to come. INCLUDING, pics from the receiver show!

excited about coming home tomorrow. there are many people i want to hug and kiss.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

lovers spit

on how much i hate cats

really? are people serious about this?
please go here and read the descriptions. . . can't handle ittt.
see you there!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

on girly things.

a girlfriend posted this on her virb. liked it. sue me?



1) Describe your style:
- I don't really know how to describe my style. It's no secret that I'm conscious of trends, but I don't necessarily follow rules. I like one of a kind pieces and will mix them with basics.

2) Generally speaking, where is your favorite place to shop?:
- I can pretty much find whatever I am looking for at forever 21/Urban Outfitters.

3) Favorite place to splurge?:
- net-a-porter.com

4) Favorite basic pieces:
- I love shell tanks. I probably have one in every color. my banana republic white polo - completely tailored to fit me perfectly. a gray tri blend racer back tank from AA. khaki & black pencil skirts that i wear constantly. My dark wash BCBG pencil jeans. they are perfection.

5) Favorite vintage pieces:
- a cotton printed halter dress from my aunt, lace cardigan from mum, polyester floral skirt from mum, a beautiful black lace & sequins bolero and matching floor length high waist skirt from mom that i am waiting to find the perfect time to wear!

6) Favorite non-basic, non-vintage pieces:
- tops: really couldn't say. first that come to mind, a polyester floral print & a cashmere knitted purple sweater. dresses: a polyester boho dress with black tassel i recently purchased, LA mixx batwig sweater dress, anything by free people or kimchi & blue, a forest green cotton stretch dress from banana republic some people call the "sexy boss dress". It hugs and its comfortable and its not slutty. just like me?

7) Favorite fabrics/blends/prints/materials?:
- I tend to wear a lot of printed polyester? I also have a lot of jersey, cashmere, & lace. I love to wear tri-blend whenever at all possible. and denim, of course!

8) Favorite outerwear?:
- a Green Plaid 3/4 length pea coat with bronze buttons, Brown leather trench with bronze button, & of course! my black leather jacket.

9) Favorite Shoes?:
- Suede ankle boots nine west, classic black Blahs, brown cowgirl boots, & adidas sambas.

10) Favorite accessories?:
- jewelry: Silver wrap around ring, white leather watch with gold & silver face, diamond studs. Handbags: red leather chloe w/ gold metal & gray leather messenger with tassels



1) Describe your look:
- I like to highlight what I've got without modifying anything chemically/surgically etc. Fresh & natrual, not overly complicated.

2) Favorite make-up line? Favorite products?:
- Clinique has always done the job. I love their super moisture make up and powders. I also like their liquid blush & liner. nothing beats maybeline mascara! I use a nivea hydrating chap stick & Dior Kiss in mango soda for my lips.

3) Describe your normal make-up routine:
- conceal, line, mascara, blush, & lips

4) Favorite skin care line? Favorite products?:
- complicated question. I have very sensitive skin so it changes season to season & i honestly have only now mastered it. Face: St. Ives Exfoliating wash, Cetaphil daily facial cleanser, & neutrogena healthy skin face lotion w/ spf 15. Body: Oil of Olay or Dove body washes work the best for me. I also love jergens cherry almond lotion.

5) Describe your normal skin care routine:
- Water water water! Drinking water is the best for your skin. For me, i've been plagued with sensitive skin my whole life so skin care is day by day. I shower daily and make sure to moisturize as much as needed depending on the moisturizer i'm using. I also exfoliate once a week.

5) Favorite hair care line?: Favorite products?:
- i'm not big on hair products. sister introduced me to the aveda line, which i really love. I love Chi products tooo..

6) Describe your normal hair care routine:
- shampoo, condition, depending on time, i'll either air dry or flow dry and then straighten. i'm really not a hair girl. i don't have a normal stylist and in most cases will cut my own hair...? someone help.

7) How often do you get a manicure?:
- Used to be every 2 weeks. now...any chance i get.

8) Full Set or Basic? Color?:
- Basic with nude polish.

9) Spa treatments a must?:
- Yesssss.

10) Favorite handed down beauty secret?:
- i don't really think this is a secret, but! moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! especially right after the shower...



1) Describe your outlook on life:
- Your friends will fail you, your family will fail you, & you will fail yourself. Live with an understanding that some things are just out of your control and that God love & grace will never fail you.

2) Favorite piece of advice ever given to you?:
- My aunt once said that every woman eventually comes to an understanding with herself. I never understood this until recently and its seriously liberating.

3) How do you unwind?:
- listen/play music. read/write. photography. hang out with friends.

4) Favorite place to unwind?:
- The sky bar at the hilton on 31st. great view. pool. bar. hospitable staff. its like you're own roosevelt in the sky.

5) Whats your sign? Is it usually right?:
- I am a cancer and I don't really ever read that stuff.

6) Favorite self-help book? (Don't be shy...you know you've read one!):
- Self help book? hah. Donald Miller, C.s.Lewis, the bible? Influence by mk&a??

7) Your favorite charactaristics about yourself?:
- Weird question. pass.

8) Characteristics you need to work on?:
- I can be very impatient at times!

9) Women that have impacted your outlook on life?:
- My grandmother is very nurturing. at 83 she still corrects me on my grammar, corrects my unlady like tendencies, and gives great advice. My aunt has been able to travel the world and is the smartest and most nurturing woman in my life and continues to be my number one fan and continues to try to convince me that i can do anything i put my mind to. my momma is an amazing wife and mother and is smart and stays beautiful and has taught me what it means to age gracefully. I also admire carine roitfeld & dian von furstenburg for their business savvy! also Ruth from the bible.

10) When you die, what do you want your legacy to be?:
- Whether or not I'm rememberd doesn't really matter to me. What I do hope is that the people and places i've left behind have been impacted in a positive way. My ultimate goal in life is just to be a good wife, mother, & friend.



1) Describe your fitness & health regimen?:
- Yoga mostly. I will be the first to tell you that I do not eat healthy by any means.

2) Favorite place to work out?:
- Hot House Yoga on 22nd in norfolk.

3) Favorite place to grab a healthy meal?:
- Anywhere greek or Z pizza for organic pizza.

4) Your un-healthy food weakness?:
- Chocoloate. by farr.

5) Do you take vitamins?:
- Not as often as I should but I do whenever I remember.

6) Ever had any work done?:
- I would never get work done, unless of course, they come up with a way to make you taller?

7) It's the night before your big date and you find a large & in charge pimple on your face. What do you do?:
- 30 seconds with a q-tip drenched in astringent & a little concealer. otherwise i go as is. but i NEVER pop. thats sick.

8) Favorite spa indulgence?:
- i'm not into gimmicks. just give me a great massage!

9) Part of your body you hate the most?:
- I wish i was a little bit talller.

10) Part of your body you love?:
- momma gave me her legs. thank youuu.


1) Favorite place to go for alterations?:
- mumma's living room.

2) Favorite Hair Salon?:
- AOC on 21st

3) Favorite Dry Cleaner?:
- Zoots in landstown commons

4) Favorite place to go for shoe repair?:
- n/a. i just buy new ones?

5) Favorite nail salon?:
- Venetian Nail Spa in lynnhaven mall.

6) Favorite place for body treatments?:
- Balance Therapeutic in Hilltop in VB


LOVED this survey. take it too! i wanna see what secrets we can pass about. good news coming soon. keep up with me..

xo - julia r.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

on renting out a room?

i've been given the opportunity to take over the lease to the house i'm currently living in...all i need to know is if anyone would be interested in renting out a room for 500/month. i've got 3 available bedrooms, 2 & 1/2 bath, a loft, laminate floors, kitchen, dining room, great room, washer/dryer room, 2 car garage, 2700 sq ft. I'll be staying down stairs in the master bedroom and the other 3 rooms will be up for rent. 2/3 bedrooms have walk in closets, 1 of the bedrooms is also the FROG. nothing is set in stone YET. it all really depends on if people would be interested. The subdivision is called Newcastle on salem rd in virginia beach. about 15 mins to 64 on indian river & 264 in lynnhaven.

these pics are from christmas but should give you a feel for the common areas of the house (you may have to click on them because the pics are huge) :

i'll have more pics up soon. let me know if you're interested!

Monday, March 9, 2009

on diamond rings

just found out that one of my best best best friends from childhood got engaged this past week. only a few friends left until i'm the only one floating in the waterrr!!!!

philly in a week. i seriously seriously cannot wait. dave found out that Mikael Jorgensen will be playing in philly the night i get there. i didn't think that weekend could get any better and he keeps proving me wrong. i'm even more impatient for it to come than i was before!

stayed in friday and saturday. hung out around the house from complete exhaustion. who knew allergy medicine did you that brutally?? being out cold for 2 days straight is serious stuff. by saturday night, though, i was feeling refreshed and ready to make the most out of my sunday and this great weather. yesterday was lovely. got up for church and had lunch with the fam. met kimmy, josh, kristin, & tommy at cogans and bumped into kal, gabe, bart, & zach. left there and went to smokey bones for a drink and then grilled out at zach's afterwards. pogge was there! it had probably been 3 or 4 maybe more years since i'd seen that kid! It's good to see people my age actually living the dream. I'm happy for mae and what they've been able to accomplish and am happy they're using their name to do something good for the world. next up...reciever? or is it swim pop? the polar beers? prabir and the subs? julia r? we'll just have to wait and see.

i hope more weekends like this happen. i miss my best friend terribly terribly.
julia r.

i really looove the elizabeth & james sping line. take a look:

gobble it up here.

Friday, March 6, 2009

on ghey.

dear american apparel,

i hate your guts. seriously...WHO in their right mind would wear this? you crazy girl. i will seriously punch you in the face if i ever see you in it.

i tried sleeping without the fan on last night and i realized that i can't do it.
something about still air makes me anxious. i also feel like i can't fall asleep without the whirl of the fan buzzing in the room. i know people that buy these things called, "sound machines" that make a noise similar to a fans to help you sleep at night. i mean, for some people, its THAT serious. i'm afraid it'll get to that point with me.

i was also talking with dave last night about living up to what statistics call the average american. for example, dave read somewhere that the average american spends $7 dollars a day on food. thinking about it, and i'm sure a lot of you that know ghent pretty well, it is very very difficult for someone to NOT want to get lunch from a restaurant out here. Greek, Indian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Southern, Italian... the list goes on. I probably spend, on average, $10 a day on lunch. thats $40 a week and $160 a month! I hate realizing these kinds of things because it shows how lazy and how unaverage my life is. Unaverage because i have a really bad problem with instant gratification - not in every area of my life, mainly on things i think i'm entitled to, like good food, cute clothes, and pretty things. But then i look at my receipts and add that ish up and i am in no way shape or form entitled to anything. just the other day, ruth got into my car and saw all of the empty water bottles i had in there (i desperately need to clean out my car too), and says, "Julia, i swear, when you want something, you really go and get it. what happened to refilling water bottles at home?!?". i mean, sometimes you don't think about these things, but that's 2 bucks down the drain, just because i was too lazy to refill an old bottle!

so my goal is to become more aware of the money that i spend on things. i've put together a spreadsheet for myself that allows me to calculate how much money i have in access for each month. i feel like if i really want to get my own place again, i'm going to have to force myself to maintain that mindset. living at home has been too easy. and its not about who's got enough money (or their daddy's money) to do what they want with it and who doesn't, its about being a good steward of the good things God gives us. which, in the end, is everything.

i'm off to pick up my lunch from taste. last time, i promise.