Monday, March 9, 2009

on diamond rings

just found out that one of my best best best friends from childhood got engaged this past week. only a few friends left until i'm the only one floating in the waterrr!!!!

philly in a week. i seriously seriously cannot wait. dave found out that Mikael Jorgensen will be playing in philly the night i get there. i didn't think that weekend could get any better and he keeps proving me wrong. i'm even more impatient for it to come than i was before!

stayed in friday and saturday. hung out around the house from complete exhaustion. who knew allergy medicine did you that brutally?? being out cold for 2 days straight is serious stuff. by saturday night, though, i was feeling refreshed and ready to make the most out of my sunday and this great weather. yesterday was lovely. got up for church and had lunch with the fam. met kimmy, josh, kristin, & tommy at cogans and bumped into kal, gabe, bart, & zach. left there and went to smokey bones for a drink and then grilled out at zach's afterwards. pogge was there! it had probably been 3 or 4 maybe more years since i'd seen that kid! It's good to see people my age actually living the dream. I'm happy for mae and what they've been able to accomplish and am happy they're using their name to do something good for the world. next up...reciever? or is it swim pop? the polar beers? prabir and the subs? julia r? we'll just have to wait and see.

i hope more weekends like this happen. i miss my best friend terribly terribly.
julia r.

i really looove the elizabeth & james sping line. take a look:

gobble it up here.


sarahmarie said...

i'm quite positive you and I will float alone in the unmarried world together for quite some time.

julia r said...

ughhh.....don't say thaaaattt

julia r said...

p.s. you're probably the closest one to getting married NEXT little lady...