Tuesday, March 24, 2009

on the future of blogging.

so i had this awesome idea to start posting more videos of my life since i take so many. on my journey home today i totally watched all of them and there were some great ones. each day would have been titled, "julia on/in/doing/etc _____" . for example. there was a video of me sledding down massanutten and all you hear is me screaming at the top of my lungs, while all you see is inner tube, inner thigh, and snow. that one would have been titled, "julia sledding massanutten".

BUT, like an idiot, i accidentally deleted ALL of my videos. ( i swear i love having a mac, but there are some things i cannot stand... ) So...I guess God had me watch every single one just because he knew i'd never see them again...

So today we will start over with the videos i took from my weekend and then some and its going to be awesome.

xxx vlog day 1 xxx

"Julia at IHOP Post the Guys' First Ever Show"


kimjong said...

worst news in town that ALL your videos have been deleted. the worst.

systemreceiver said...

Gabe is so ridiculous in this!